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AtoZ Reviews: Fox Knives Radius Sheepsfoot EDC



by Eoin May, AtoZ Reviews

There’s something captivating about Fox Knives’ Radius—it’s one of the coolest and weirdest knives I’ve encountered yet on my journey from AtoZ. The opening mechanism is a button that slides through a slot that is shaped in a half circle (ergo the name Radius). How unique! Once I got it in my hands, I learned it was so unique that I was really bad at opening it, and that will not stand. I trained like Rocky running up those steps and punching those sides of beef—there was a montage and everything. Turns out that opening this knife isn’t hard, it is just different.

I carried this knife every day with me for over a month. This knife excelled at everyday tasks: cutting cardboard boxes, opening envelopes, and looking cool. After a month of casual abuse, the blade is still sharp enough to shave with. The blade is a little under 3 inches, which is great for an EDC. The blade is N690Co stainless steel, which is a very high-end steel with great wear and corrosion resistance. As far as looks, this knife is very good looking. The blade is stone washed and the handle is green G10. The knife also comes with a deep carry pocket clip and an orange back spacer.

I do have a couple of quibbles with the knife. The first is really just a personal bias; I am not very fond of three-finger knives. I find that the handles of the three-finger design don’t offer enough purchase for my entire hand. This knife is a sheepsfoot style, which is made for chopping, so large-handed people may feel the handle’s length is not sufficient. If you don’t share my bias, then the Radius is the weirdest blade you’ll ever love.

Additionally, I had an incident in which the opening button seems to have unscrewed itself in my pocket. It then fell out. Naturally, without the end of the button, it is very hard to open the knife. I contacted Fox and they said they had never had this happen, but to get it fixed all you would have to do is send it in and they will fix it or repair it. Other than those two things this knife is great. Like I said the blade stays sharp and once you get a hang of the action it opens pretty smooth.

This minor incident illustrated the terrific customer service you get from Fox Knives. I really appreciate a company that stands by its products. If you like three-finger folders that will keep an edge for a long time, check the Radius out from Fox. Just from me reviewing two knives I could tell that Fox makes really high-quality products and you can’t go wrong with their knives. Check out my Instagram and YouTube @atoz_reviews, I post every week with sneak peeks and some content you will never see anywhere else. Make sure to tell me your thoughts on the Radius in the comments.




  1. randle

    April 27, 2022 at 5:35 pm


    F-ing B.S.!!! NOT “UNIQUE”!!! STOLEN DESIGN FROM CAMILUS CUDA! Industial theft of intelecutual property they hoped not to get caught for!!!!

  2. Black Raven Survival

    April 27, 2022 at 9:09 am

    A sheepsfoot blade has a straight cutting edge and a dull spine that runs parallel with the cutting edge and then sharply curves down towards the point, typically creating a 60° to 90° blade tip.

    This blade pattern was originally designed for carrying out cutting and slicing tasks, where an acute tip could lead to unwanted piercing or nicking. The dull spine allows you to safely grip the blade with your fingers (‘Choking up”) or extend a finger to increase your fine blade control during delicate work. Sheepsfoot blades can be single bevel / ‘chisel ground’ or double bevel and are available with fixed blades or folding blades.

  3. John Dunlap

    April 26, 2022 at 2:40 pm

    Not impressed. Why? I’m left handed. Aside from the obvious daily fumbling and frustration this knife would cause for me, I’m in a unique position to recognize the design’s major failing. In an emergency, you may not be able to free up your strong hand. Imagine trying to open that knife under less than ideal conditions, when lives might be on the line and seconds count, with your left hand. This is why I insist on an ambidextrous mechanism in a folder. My EDC is usually a small fixed blade carried where I can reach it with either hand.

  4. C

    April 26, 2022 at 9:44 am

    Who told you sheepsfoot knives are for chopping?

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