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Fire Up Those Yule Logs With Realtree’s Fire Starter Pack



Much nicer (and warmer) than that channel that shows a fireplace, don’t you think?

Because baby, it’s cold outside!

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent more of your life than you want to admit trying to put your Boy Scout fire-building badge to use. From the holiday hearth to the depths of the wilderness, a warm, cozy fire offers everything from comfort and joy to continued survival. Realtree understands that, and they’ve just released their new Realtree Fire Starters 50 Pack. It comes conveniently packed in a lightweight canister, and boasts some of the best fire starters you can buy.

If your outdoor adventures ever have you feeling like a Jack London character, then you’ll appreciate just how important it is that the Realtree Fire Starters light when wet or frozen. They’re 100% waterproof inside or outside the canister. Once lit, they’ll burn at 750 degrees for up to 10 minutes, giving the fire time to dry out any greenwood or other damp tinder.

The Realtree Fire Starters pack is approved for use in charcoal grills, wood-burning stoves, fireplaces, campfires…anywhere it’s okay to burn wood or charcoal, you can burn these. The light time is .5 to 2 seconds, and the flame height is 8 to 13 inches. With a 30-year shelf life, this canister can go into your emergency kit or bug-out bag…it’s a perfect “set it and forget it” firestarting solution. $29.99;


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