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Ed Brown Releases K1 Field Knife

Ed Brown Products, renowned for their top class handguns, has just released the K1 Field Knife, designed by award winning master bladesmith Jason Knight of Winkler Knives

The Ed Brown K1 is ideal for tactical or outdoor use, and features a sculpted Micarta handle with unique “Snakeskin” scallops, and hand ground and sharpened Carbon steel blade. Extremely rugged, and durable, the 80CrV2 carbon steel blade will hold up to extreme use, and features a black oxide finish for corrosion resistance.

Includes a hand molded Kydex sheath. We recommend a light coating of oil on your cutting edge to prevent corrosion.


  • Blade Steel: 80CrV2 Carbon Steel with Black Oxide Finish
  • Blade Length: 4 5/8″
  • Blade Thickness: .205
  • Handle Material: Black Micarta
  • Overall Length: 9 1/2″
  • Sheath Material: Hand Molded Kydex
  • Corrosion Prevention Recommendation: Light Coating of Oil on Cutting Edge


K1 Ed Brown Field Knife by Jason Knight

Introducing the Ed Brown Products K1 Field Knife design by @Jason Knight. Just released today and available only at Get yours today! Complete info available on the website limited first run so hurry to get yours!#edbrown #edbrown1911 #lifetimewarranty #madeinamerica #usastrong #guns #gunparts #specialforces #stainlesssteel #concealedcarry #morecustomoptions #gunbuilder #jasonkinghtknives

Posted by Ed Brown Products on Thursday, May 24, 2018


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Tips and Gear for Duck Hunting

Duck hunting is a favorite sport for many people across the country.

Here we have prepared a list of tips and gear for duck hunting that should be helpful for both newcomers and serious campaigners in the sport.

Scout the Area

Scouting the grounds can make or break the hunt. Scouting lets you know the spots the birds are using for feeding and resting.

Many people scout the hunting ground one day before the actual hunt. This helps pick a good spot close to the feeding area.

Experienced hunters usually set up at high ground. This allows a good coverage of the ground and a chance to observe the ducks. Familiarize yourself with their flying pattern before taking a shot.

Conceal Yourself Properly

Ducks are very alert to danger with a keen sense of detection to movement on the ground. The slightest bit of movement and the birds will stir and fly, making it extremely difficult to aim or shoot.

Using layout or pit blinds lets you become mostly invisible to the ducks. Most hunters also use a camouflaged layout to hide and blend in with their environment.

Another important thing is to make sure you don’t make any sudden movements, noise or anything that can alert the birds to your presence.

Smart Use of Decoys Where Possible

Setting up proper decoys is very important in duck hunting. Good decoys are placed in small groups with each group well spread out from the next, randomly placed and facing in different directions.

If you are hunting in a big, open area, then you can use more decoys. In a smaller, tightly packed area, use fewer decoys. Birds should be given enough space to land and move around freely. When setting up decoys, be smart and creative.

Take Your Time Shooting

Unlike most other hunting sports, duck hunting is all about patience and timing. You can spend hours watching the birds moving, before even raising your gun to take aim. More than any other sport, duck hunting requires you to make every shot count.

This is because if you shoot and miss, the birds will become aware of danger in the area. It could be hours before they settle back, if at all. It is far more difficult to hunt wary birds than unsuspecting ones.

If you are hunting alone, you might be able to take a shot sooner. In group hunting however, it becomes tricky as some people might not be ready. Use a proper way to communicate when calling out the shot.

Gear for Duck Hunting

Some of the must-have gear you will need for duck hunting is listed here.

Duck Hunting Blind

The first thing you need for duck hunting is a good blind that conceals your presence to the birds.

A good blind is one that blends in naturally with the hunting ground and doesn’t look out of place. It matches your outfit and should be big enough to give cover and moving space while not so big that it becomes conspicuous for the birds.

A Semi-Automatic Shotgun

A semi-automatic is a good weapon of choice for duck hunting. This type of gun has lower recoil than a shotgun and can be set on burst mode for a good spread which should get you a kill even if your aim is not perfect.

Some of the better ones include Remington’s Versa Max, Beretta’s A400, Browning’s A5 and Benelli’s Super Black Eagle II.

Duck Hunting Waders and Boots

Duck hunting is a sport of patience and you will probably be spending hours sitting and twisting in wet, muddy and messy terrain before getting success. This makes a great pair of waders a must-have for duck hunting.

You will also need a thick pair of hunting boots to retrieve the birds from water after a successful shot.

Duck Calling Whistle

You will not be very successful on a hunt without a duck call. You should carry a good, clean wooden duck call around your neck for attracting the birds near your hiding spot.

Duck and Goose Hunting Decoys

Nothing beats properly placed decoys in attracting ducks and geese. You can use different combinations for the best result. Having a variety of decoys gives you a better chance of success compared to using decoys that are all the same type.

Motorized Decoys

Motorized decoys are considerably better than stationary ones. They give a more realistic look and feel, easy to set up and usually similar in price to regular decoys.

Camouflage Backpack

A backpack will let you fit the necessary equipment like blinds, decoys and ammo inside while keeping your gear easily accessible.

Net and Cordage

Carrying a string of rope and strong netting can always come in handy during a hunt. You can set up a net trap in tree branches or use it as a net blind to give you cover from an angle.

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The Top 5 Hunting Guns that You Need to Know About

We want to ensure that you get the best gear for your hunting trips.

Your primary gear is your main hunting gun. Although it can be difficult to agree on the top 5 hunting guns, here we bring you the best locally manufactured guns that will ensure that you never miss your mark as a hunter because of a sub-par weapon of choice.

Savage Model 99

We start our list with a very traditional gun that has been around for over a century. It is the Savage Model 99, which is regarded by many as one of the finest hunting guns produced in the United States. Although initially available in limited chambers, the gun could still take on any game animal in the country. Historically, the Model 99 has performed excellently with the .308 Win.

It is a lever function gun. It allows you to easily shoot to over 300 years. It is one of the best in its range, and allows you to accurately take out any animal that you want. The Savage Model 99 is certainly a class and among our top 5 hunting guns.

Winchester Model 70

If you love traditional rifles, then the Winchester Model 70 is an ultimate hit. It is a rifle which came out in 1936, but it is still offering amazing service to hunters all across the country. This is one of the top 5 hunting guns, because it allowed Winchester to offer the best American experience. It is a gun that you can use through your entire hunting career, and will never get disappointed by its performance.

The Winchester Model 70 can certainly get the job done in any environment. It is great for shooting deer and you easily get supplies for it anywhere in the country. It is a great option for hunters who want to go out after the big game animals.

Marlin 1895 GSBL

We include the Marlin 1895 GSBL in our top 5 hunting guns that you should know about, because of its comfortable use in the brush. With the use of the .45-70 Govt caliber, it certainly has the power to take down any game animal. This great hunting gun has a short 18.5” barrel and it can be easily moved around in a confined environment. The gun may be on the heavier side at around eight pounds, but it is easier to use, when compared to other options of the same weight.

This is a lever action rifle which is extremely safe. It will help you in your hunting career, especially when you want a gun that allows you to get close to the game animals and then take the shot. The cartridge that we have here is also perfect for use. It uses adjustable signs and is perfect for taking accurate shots without the need of a scope.


We have to include a powerful semi-automatic model in our top 5 hunting guns. If you want a more modern option, then try this modern hunting rifle that combines hunting with the use of tactics. This gun is ideal for all types of hunting strategies. Whether you want to shoot at a close range or engage from a distance, it allows you the power and the accuracy to take down any animal. The muzzle of this rifle is threaded, so that you can easily use a suppressor. This is a great option, when you are shooting from a distance and do not want to cause a disturbance in an area, which is full of game animals.

This gun has an excellent grip, and has a carbon fiber handguard. It has a Teflon coated SS barrel which is extremely durable, and allows the use of this weapon in any weather. The gun can be used from a tree stand, while still capable in other shooting situations. This gun is certainly a pleasure to use and has excellent overall ergonomics.

Remington Model 700

We finish our top 5 hunting guns list with another American classic, which is the Remington Model 700. This is a hunting rifle, which can be termed as one of the most successful American rifles of all time. It is chambered in various calibers and uses the famous push feed bolt-action design. It is an ideal product for a hunter who wants to stalk their prey from a range and then shoot with complete accuracy. In fact, this gun served as the basis for several success models.

There are many guns that you could have included in this list. But we have made sure that you know about the best hunting guns that have affected the hunting community in the United States.

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Bow Hunting Gear List for White Tail Deer

The dog days of the summer are almost over and it’s time to trade in your Bermuda shorts for your hunting wear because the white tail deer season is upon you.

Preparation is key when you are going to the great outdoors for early season deer hunting. While you may be busy setting up fall food plots, and installing trail cameras to lay the grounds for a successful hunting expedition into the wilds, your hunting backpack should not be deprived of any attention. Here is what we feel is the best bow hunting gear list which will be ideal for your excursion out into the wild and ensure yourself a good white tail deer harvest this hunting season.

Scent control

Is the name of the game, fellow hunters. Early on in the hunting season the temperatures can vary to great extremes regardless of where you are in the country. This fact alone constitutes to the importance of having a good control over the scent for a successful hunting season. There are several tips which you can make use of as a hunter to increase your chances of being winded while traveling to and when you are in the standing site. A white tail deer’s most powerful asset is its incredibly strong sense of smell so taking your time while traveling to your standing site will keep perspiration to a minimum and reduce the chances of the white tail deer sensing your scent.

That is why, one of the must have items on your bow hunting gear list should be an odor eliminating field spray. These odor eliminating sprays are a necessary element of your bow hunting gear list during any time of the year you are going out to hunt white tail deer. During the warmer seasons, it is more necessary to have these odor eliminating field sprays since there is more of a chance that you will be perspiring when on the move. Controlling the scent is going to effectively deal with the first line of defense that the deer have: their nose.

Be a Ninja

When you’re hunting white tail deer, you need to have a high level of concealment. You have to be covered totally from the head to the toe. Hunters often overlook or undervalue the importance of camouflage gloves and face masks but these are two pieces of gear which are absolutely necessary in your bow hunting gear list. It would surely suck if you made all that effort camouflaging your scent and moving slowly towards your standing site only to be caught out by a deer that spots you. It is that easy to miss your chance of catching that elusive mature buck. Be sure to keep an extra pair of the gloves and masks in your hunting bag pack in case you misplace or lose them somewhere.


Archery hunting is not an easy task for even the most experienced of hunters. When it comes to archery hunting and white tail deer, the conditions have to be perfectly poised so you are in the best position to harvest the best catch in the season. In order to make the odds fall more in your favor than the deer’s, you should do everything possible to make sure you leave nothing to chance. One key piece of equipment to take along with you in your bow hunting gear list is a range finder which is reliable. A range finder will effectively eliminate the need for guessing when you are out bow hunting and can greatly increase the confidence of you, the hunter. Every archery hunter knows that confidence is critical for a successful hunt.

Pack A Little Extra Punch

It is difficult landing a good shot when you are hunting with a bow and arrow so it is important that when you do, the arrow’s impact is effective. Broad head arrows do exactly just that. There are a lot of options when it comes to broad head arrow so you can go out to the hunting supply store and take your pick. When picking out your broad head arrows, just make sure that they have a good flight, cut very deep and dispose of the deer in the quickest manner. It is always a good thing to have extra broad head arrows in your bow hunting gear list because one can’t land a hit with each shot taken.

There are always other items which you can add to your bow hunting gear list as you gain more experience in the art of deer hunting but these are the few items which will always be a part of your inventory as far as your hunting equipment is concerned.

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Check Out the Best Gifts for Hunters in 2017

Buying a gift for a seasonal or a professional hunter is not an easy task.

With a great many varieties of hunting gear, and their constantly advancing versions and features, choosing one of the best gifts for hunters is a daunting task, especially when you hold no prior knowledge of hunting gear and their particular uses.

After all, it’s not easy to select a rifle, bow or shotgun for a hunter. But as you read on, you will be able to make your task a lot easier by having some great gift ideas for hunters. Moreover, you are more likely to select one of the best gifts for hunters because all of these gears are what exactly all the hunters need, use or at least like to try out.

Tips for selecting the Best Gift for hunters

While you are up to get a gift for a hunter, don’t forget to consider their complaints or recalling some recent stories they told you about. For instance, they need a new binocular because the old one has fogged up, or if they feel the need to get some waterproof boots. Similarly, if they are missing some good targets or opportunities, you may consider gifting a rangefinder.

All of these will help you in making the right choice and in selecting the best gift for hunters. So, let’s just have a look at some of these gears.

Nikon MONARCH 7i VR Rangefinder

This great hunting gear comes with a new feature of vibration reduction. If you have ever tried to run up a ridge just to come close to a deer, you would understand the usefulness of this gear. The gear holds a VR feature that cut downs the visual effects of movement by almost 80% and helps in getting a lot more accurate and quicker range.

So, if you want to go with a total game changer for a hunter, then this gear is one of the best gifts for hunters who aim to have a steadier look down the field.

TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Gaiters

When you hunt in a field full of rattlesnakes, snake-proof gaiters is a must-have accessory. Even though not every bite of a rattlesnake causes death, some may do, and even if not, you will still end up having massive health issues along with heavy medical bills. Whereas the majority of snake gaiters are stiff and bulky, TurtleSkin SnakeArmor is much more flexible, which makes it a convenient choice on any hunter’s hunting checklist.

Rifle Scope – Vortex Diamondback HP

If you are searching a gift for a seasonal hunter, chances are that he/she might be having an old scope. This means that if you gift them a riflescope that is actually a step up from that old one they have, they are going to love the replacement. You can choose Vortex Diamondback HP range as the replacement because the gear offers excellent warranty and even if the Vortex scope of the rifle is broken by the hunter, Vortex replaces it easily.

Bighorn Adventure Medical Kit

When a hunter gets down the beaten path, many sharp rocks and sticks are there to avoid. Similarly, it is common for hunters to get injured or get cut by their own knives or of followers as they try to handle a big game. Therefore, an upgraded and complete first-aid kit makes the best gift for hunters. So, go with the Bighorn medical kit because it offers all the things necessary for a hunter embarking on an adventurous expedition.

Hub Hunting Blind – Big Cat 350

Some hunters use tree/bush or clump of heavy grass to hide their silhouette and obscure their presence from good vision critters. This is because a lot of animals use their sense of smell but the majority of them have amazing eyesight to spot even the slightest movement. Therefore, gift your hunter a Big Cat 350 Hunting blind, which provides them with the extended area to hunt, allowing them to stay near natural funnels and trails which usually have no cover for hunters.

Conclusively, the best gift for hunters is the one that is both convenient to carry and perfect to use. So, don’t get yourself confused with all the different types of gears and countless hunting necessities, but go with the one that best suit your hunter’s need and their field of hunt.