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Campfire Cooking

7 Easy Campfire Cooking Ideas for You to Try



Out in the open, on a camping trip, the last thing you need is to waste time.

With so many spectacular views to enjoy and so much to take in, food might be the last thing on your mind. Sadly though, you still need to eat to keep up your energy.

For first time campers, cooking food on a campfire is a totally different experience. It takes them some time to get used to the uneven flame of the campfire. They are so used to of an evenly burning stove that the dancing flames can seem daunting. But cooking food on a campfire is just another thing that’s best about a camping trip.

For all those people who don’t want to waste time in cooking, easy campfire cooking ideas can be a lifesaver. So, we’ve come up with some tricks to help you get the best out of your camping trip.

Dutch oven Cooking

If you keep sitting by the campfire, keeping an eye on the food and shaking the pan so it doesn’t burn your food, you’re surely going to miss some fun. The sun set is an amazing sight from your camp site but you can’t leave your spot. Well, now you can. All you need for that is a Dutch oven.

The heavy cast iron pot comes with a lid, which enables it to hold heat efficiently. You get ultimate ease with a Dutch oven. You can directly place it on fire or use a cooking tripod to hand it at a certain height. Unlike the cooking experience with a skillet/pan, you’d rather enjoy cooking with a Dutch oven. Why? It’s because you wouldn’t need to keep stirring the oven. Just leave it on fire and let it do all the work.

Foil Pack Cooking

Health conscious and want to bake food on your camping trip? That can be a problem as it’ll be hard to find an oven in a camping tent. The best alternative is foil pack cooking. Just wrap up the meat or vegetables in a foil pack and leave it on a grate. Make sure you keep an eye on the food though. Once done, just unwrap the food and hey presto! You have freshly baked food right there in the foods. How’s that for an easy campfire cooking idea?

Stick Cooking

We’ve all had our fair share of marshmallow on a stick and you can use the same trick to cook food. Things have changed a bit in the past years and now there is a vast range of metal sticks available, which makes the best fit for easy campfire cooking ideas.


This is an intuitive cooking method, and offers a lot of ease and options too. With a vast range of grills and grates available in the market, you can have your pick. You don’t have to miss your BBQ in the middle of the woods. Just set up the grill and take advantage of one of the many easy campfire cooking ideas.

Rotisserie Cooking

With this cooking idea, you’ll almost feel like a native wood dweller. There are two ‘Y’ shaped sticks at either end of the campfire, with another stick resting horizontally on them. The main stick holds the food as the campfire gently cooks it. This is a great contraption to make roast meat.

Iron Cooking

A foldable iron tool makes for an amazing cooking tool and comes 6th on our easy campfire cooking ideas. It is shaped like a tong and is an effective tool for some quick cooking. Available in different shapes and sizes, just place the food in the tool, close it shut and hold it over the campfire. For all the grilled cheese sandwich lovers out there, here is the ultimate campfire sandwich maker.

Charcoal Grilling

You can satisfy your veggie appetite with another one of our many easy campfire cooking ideas. If you like to add the fiery and smoky touch to your veggies, here is your chance. Just place them directly on some charcoal pieces and within no time, you’ll have some well-done, smoky veggies ready to be devoured. Just make sure you keep an eye on the food since the extensive heat can easily burn them to a crisp. Keep changing their side every once in a while and you’ll do just fine.

Now you have the whole list of easy campfire cooking ideas so make sure you use them the next time you go camping. Don’t let burnt food ruin your trip. Use these ideas to hone your campfire cooking skills and amaze others. Have fun!

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