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15 Ways That Make Storing Winter Sports Gear Easy!



Winter time is here and with winters comes out the love of winter sports.

Now that may be fun but the trouble begins when it comes down to storing your winter gear. Here are 15 tips for storing your winter sports gear so it stays in good condition for a long time:

Wax them up

One of the best tips you could get about storing your sports gear is to wax them up well before you store them. Remember to scrape off the previous layer of wax before applying a fresh coat of hot wax. Consider applying two-three layers so the base stays hydrated during the summer season.

Ski bags are not the answer

While most people believe that the best way to store winter sports gear is to stuff them up in a sports bag, they can’t be more wrong. Ski bags are known to store up moisture as well which means you’ll be facing the trouble of rust sooner than you can imagine. Try lining them up in a climate-controlled closet instead; that keeps them new and fresh!

Strap them up

Marking #3 in your list of 15 tips for storing your winter sports gear is one that you would least expect. Strapping your winter sports gear together will keep them from rubbing against each other and eventually dulling themselves out.

Sharpen out the edges

It’s best to sharpen out the edges of your gear beforehand so you don’t have to face much trouble with them in the later months. This will not only help to keep your gear in good condition, it will also help you avoid the long waits in the start of the season to sharpen out your gear.

Shelving is the best option

While tip #2 already mentioned the importance of storing your gear on the outside but that doesn’t mean you throw them out in your garage. Shelving your gear helps to keep them organized and maintained for a long time.

Wrap them up

When you’re looking into storing your winter gear, this tip amongst your other 15 tips for storing your winter sports gear will help you keep off the dust and other harmful particles from settling onto your gear. Once you’re done waxing and strapping them, as tips #1 and 2 suggest, it’s best to wrap them up in a sheet to keep them looking new.

Stow away your boards

You need to understand that amongst your winter sports gear, one of them is your snowboard and you need to be extra careful with them. Make sure you store them away at a place that’s both cool as well as dry.

Don’t lay it down, stand them up

When you’re looking into 15 tips for storing your winter sports gear concerning your boards, it’s often best that you consider storing them standing up. This allows the gear to maintain its shape or the camber.

Hard surfaces are a major no

When you’re placing your items in storage, it’s always best to avoid hard surfaces. You can either place them on carpeted flooring or lay down towels or Styrofoam to keep them intact.

Ice skates deserve a place on the wall

Ice skates need to be stored away like every other shoes to:

  1. Avoid tripping hazards
  2. Keep them in good condition

Hooks or a shoe rack often does the trick.

Snow boots need to be buckled

You also need to consider your snow boots for a change; if you leave them unbuckled, there’s a high chance it will lose its shape.

Clean out your gear

Before storing them away, it’s best that you thoroughly clean out your gear to prevent damage during the seasonal changes.

Storage bins actually help

Your gloves and caps can actually be stored away in storage bins lined with colorful plastic to keep it looking attractive. Kids will be encouraged to fill it up as well!

Winter items go back in

Once winters are out of the way, it’s best to not keep your gear lying around outside. This will only take up precious space.

Time to throw away

Lastly, you need to know which items you need to discard away. That means the items that are rarely used do not come in the category of the 15 tips for storing your winter sports gear.

Make sure you adhere to these tips and you wouldn’t face any problem with your winter sports gear again!

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