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5 Top Dove-Hunting Tips



Dove season heralds the beginning of the fall hunting seasons for many hunters across America. Dove hunts are also great times to meet family and friends for an enjoyable day outdoors. Here are our top five tips for making the most of dove season!

  1. Scout your hunting site and search for dove travel zones, such as open corridors between tall trees, or lanes from a resting area to the field. Position yourself off to one side of these dove flight lanes when you hunt.
  2. Select a hunting location where you can sit with the sun at your back so you have better visibility of the sky overhead without enduring sun glare, and sit slightly ahead of brush or fence lines that can help break up your outline.
  3. Carry a sharp knife such as Buck’s 110+ or 112 Ranger Sport Knife. Both knives have thinner blades to aid with precision cutting and preparing dove breasts for the grill or skillet. One other knife to possibly take along to the dove field is the Buck 112 Slim Pro TRX Knife with an orange handle. This ensures it will perform well—and not be easily lost in the field or at the dove cleaning site.
  4. Use a hunting dog when possible to find all downed birds, and bring water—plus a bowl—for the dog to drink from. Note that many hunters leave the field because they are thirsty, so also pack water for yourself.
  5. Use dove decoys when possible and place these around your location so approaching and passing doves can easily see these. (Be sure to check your local laws, as decoying isn’t legal everywhere.) Also remember to carry a hunting stool or chair to the field so you can remain comfortable … most dove hunts are all-day events.

Why not make it a social event? Bring some friends, a folding table, a grill and some bacon with you … dove breasts are perfect wrapped in bacon and grilled, and you can watch the sun set with a belly full of late summer satisfaction.


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