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Sportsmen: Cry Havok & Let Slip the GATORZ!



Actually, they won’t slip at all; that’s part of the point. But we couldn’t resist the Shakespeare reference.

Sunglasses make poor eye protection, and vice-versa. Unless they’re GATORZ!

Most commercial sunglasses are constructed of material that absolutely cannot withstand any impact more forceful than an expended brass case … and even though said brass case won’t break the lenses, it will absolutely insert its piping-hot self in between the frame and your face. Eye protection must be ANSI-rated to really be suitable for shooting. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for those clear plastic “birth control eye-pro” to keep your peepers safe. It’s possible to have sturdy, comfortable eyewear that protects, looks, and feels great … and it’s called the GATORZ HAVOK. It sets a new standard in eyewear versatility, providing optimal protection and adaptability for individuals who lead a life where eye protection is required.

The HAVOK stands as a testament to GATORZ’ commitment to crafting American made eyewear that seamlessly blends form and function. Engineered to excel in any environment, this cutting-edge eyewear shield features GATORZ’ proprietary quick lens change ICM system, empowering users to effortlessly swap lenses to suit their needs.

With a focus on versatility, the HAVOK offers a range of ANSI impact rated, GATORZ TruRay Optic lens options, ensuring users have the perfect clarity, tint, and protection for any activity. Whether on the job or off-duty, the HAVOK is the ultimate choice for those who prioritize their eyes without compromising style or comfort.

“The HAVOK is purpose-built for individuals who demand uncompromising eye protection in their daily lives,” said Scott Sorensen, Head of Marketing at GATORZ Eyewear. “By amplifying current trends in form and function, the HAVOK addresses the need for interchangeability, protection, visual acuity, fashion-forward design, and comfort, all in a single product. It’s the new benchmark in performance eyewear.”

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the HAVOK embodies GATORZ’s dedication to quality and innovation. Its sleek design seamlessly merges style with functionality, offering users the flexibility to tackle any challenge with confidence. MSRP $160-$225 depending on model chosen; click here for yours!

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