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Bowhunter’s Rosetta Stone: Scientific Shot Placement Aids



Want to be a better bowhunter?

Most of the time, archery guides are really limited to, at best, a 3-D life-size model target displaying the exterior of a whitetail deer. They’re great for practicing your accuracy, but they’re not really good at helping you understand exactly what it is you’re shooting at and why. And when it comes to bowhunting, shot placement is absolutely key in ensuring a quick kill. So if you’re the kind of hunter who lives for the thrill of the chase but strives for an ethical harvest, why not check out these guides from the National Bowhunter Education Foundation? Most individual hunters will probably go for the shot-placement training aid booklet, but instructors will really benefit from the 3-D whitetail anatomy sectional (which is, naturally, more expensive).

The Advanced Whitetail Deer Anatomy and Shot Placement Guide is an informative shot placement training aid with full color 8.5″ x 11″ transparent overlays. Separate acrylic overlays feature the muscular system, skeletal system, circulatory system, and vital organs specific to a white-tailed deer. Accompanying text includes shot placement information and illustrations for both firearm hunters and bowhunters. Useful for hunting guides, hunter education instructors or today’s informed hunter. Responsible hunting includes knowledge of accurate shot placement for a quick kill and game recovery. This is part of the International Bowhunter Education Program Hunter Responsibility Series which includes anatomy and shot placement guides for bear, turkey and elk. Suggested retail $12.50.

The 3-D Whitetail Deer Anatomy Sectional is an excellent tool for hunter education classes and hunter certification courses. It’s molded to near life size and pre-drilled to show arrow shot placement on white-tailed deer. A removable magnetic scapula and display stand are included. Allow for possible long lead times when ordering this product. Suggested retail $250.

“NBEF encourages bowhunters to use available reference information and tools that can lead to safer and more successful hunts,” explained NBEF Executive Director Marilyn Bentz. “As stewards of our sport it makes sense to educate ourselves and others on best practices.”

NBEF helps bowhunters be safe, successful and stewards of the sport. NBEF offers bowhunting instructional items, books, videos, 3-D models, apparel and more at

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