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10 Helpful Kitchen Tools for the Best Campfire Cooking

Camping is always an exciting adventure.

Wandering around the woods, singing campfire songs, listening to the birds chirping, sleeping in tents, gazing at the stars, enjoying the breeze and best of all campfire food! Cooking food on campfire can be fun but it also requires some planning and the right tools. It is indeed tempting to pack all your cooking tools but you must remember that too much baggage can become a burden. Most importantly, there is a special charm in cooking food outdoors with just a few basic kitchen tools. Here are the 10 helpful kitchen tools that are best for campfire cooking:

Cast Iron Frying Pan/Skillet

This might be heavy but is super durable. Cast iron can survive the intense heat of the campfire and will help you avoid ruining your kitchen tools like nonstick pans with plastic handles.

Metal Skewers or Toasting Fork

Roasting is a great way to make campfire food. You can use metal skewers to roast assorted veggies, kebabs, and of course marshmallows. If you have a grill, you can simply place the skewered items on the grill to cook or hold the skewers in your hand to roast items over the campfire. These are handy since they are compact and easy to clean. Toasting fork is also handy and you can roast marshmallows, sausages, kebabs and also toast over open flame.

Oven Mitts

As you would be cooking on campfire using cast iron cookware, metal skewers and more, you would need oven mitts to handle them as the campfire heats gets evenly transferred to even the lids and handles of the cookware.


You can invest in an all-in-one seasoning container that can hold pepper, salt, chili flakes, cayenne and other herbs and seasoning you prefer. You can even use vitamin and tablet organizers to store your seasoning to cook your food with. These are compact, lightweight and can easily be stored in your backpack.

Reusable Dinnerware

It is always recommended to use reusable dinnerware to ensure a clean campsite. There is nothing worse than arriving at a campsite to find pizza boxes, broken glass, Styrofoam plates and glasses lying around. Avoid wastage of plastic utensils and paper plates by using reusable dinnerware.


Of course you can get by without a tripod but it comes super handy when it comes to cooking food on campfire as it reduces the chances of tripping. Tripods are lightweight, compact and help in balancing the food while you cook without worrying anything will fall over. It is best to get the one with foldable legs.

Camp Stove

There are plenty of fancy and expensive options available in camping stores but all you need is a simple two burner stove that will help in cooking your food and will also fold up so it’s easier to carry. There are also different sizes available, you can pick the one which is more suitable to your requirements and budget.

Fuel and Fire Starters

You can’t cook without a fire and you need something to start the fire. With fuel, it gets easier to start a fire, otherwise wood and dry branches are your friends. Majority of campsites offer firewood, so it is best to check with the camp authorizes before you start packing. If you want to do it the old fashion way and collect wood to start a fire, you would also need lighting liquid and a box of matches for that. If you are bringing along a charcoal grill, you would also need a spade to work with the coal.

Chopping Board and Knives

A knife is a necessity for all camping trips and not just for food. Make sure you take extra knifes that have sharp blades to cut meat, vegetables and for other purposes. Going camping without a knife would be the biggest mistake you would make. Take along a chopping board to make it easier to cut veggies and meat. Ensure that you pack the knives carefully. Furthermore, pack in a Swiss army knife or a pocket knife just in case.

Folding Double Wash Basin

Since you are taking reusable dinnerware, you would of course have to wash the dishes. A folding wash basin would be best for this purpose.

The list of essential kitchen tools for camping can vary as per your camping style, trip duration, and the facilities provided at the camping site. However, these are the basic kitchen tools that you would need to make the best campfire food. Ensure you pack enough to last throughout your trip.

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The Ten Essentials for Camping & Hiking

When you are headed out into the great outdoors for your camping trip, nobody likes to or wants to have a heavy pack

But the stories about camping are filled with the incidents of people who sought to take on less supplies in order to skimp on weight and they paid dearly for the lack of proper supplies. Take, for instance, that friend of yours who thought it is crazy taking along a sleeping bag along with him in his pack in the summer months. How cold can it possibly get out there in the short summer nights in the great outdoors? Well, your friend must have found out about it in the hardest way possible.

Obviously, when you are going for a camping and hiking trip, you want to be mobile so you cannot carry too much weight but there are some essentials, which you need to have with you so you do not end up lacking the necessary supplies for your trip. This article shall define for you a list of the ten essentials for camping & hiking so you never go venturing out into the great outdoors under prepared.


Sorry, but Google maps do not count. It is not a joke. There will be no charging sockets out there in the mountains for you if your battery dies or if your phone suddenly decides to take a dip in the river. You cannot rely on your smart phone for your navigation needs entirely.

Yes, you are getting there. You need paper maps. It does seem almost archaic to consider paper maps in this day and age but paper maps may very well keep you from getting lost and can save your life. Particularly, of real utility, are the detailed maps that have the right details about the topography of the region. That can really help the camper orient themselves with very few landmarks available in the outdoors. That is why Maps make it to the top of the ten essentials for camping & hiking.


Here is where your smart phone can actually come in handy. Compasses are great tools for the purpose of navigation and can be a significant factor in keeping you on the right track, especially when used in a combination with your maps. A regular old classic compass is something you should have in case your smart phone decides to die on you. That is to say, you can still ditch the compass if you feel like you’re enough of an expert to be able to determine true north by the way that moss is growing on the trees.

Sunglasses and Sunscreen

It is self explanatory. It does not matter what the weather is like. Even if you’re high up in the mountains, it is good to have protection against the sun regardless of the overall temperature. Exposure to the sun can really damage your skin and that’s why these two items make it to the ten essentials for camping & hiking.

Extra Clothing

Extra clothing does not mean packing a whole other suitcase. It can be just the thin and effective items like thermal underlayers, waterproof trousers. They take up less space and are very effective. Socks are the camper’s best friend. There is no way that you can have too many socks on a camping excursion. Another necessary item in the ten essentials for camping & hiking.


A source of artificial light can never hurt. It makes sense. It could be a regular flashlight or headlamp but you should have it. Ideally pack lots of extra batteries and at least a couple of backup light sources.

First Aid

Things get rough out there. That’s why you go out there, it’s understandable but even the smallest of injuries can fester into a real problem. Well-equipped first aid kits are a must. The ten essentials for camping & hiking would be incomplete without it.


To start a fire, you need something that catches fire instantly. Thin and dry twigs, leaves and stuff like that can instantly catch fire with a match stick and create the perfect foundation for the wood above it to catch fire. Sometimes you can’t find the firestarters out there so it’s good to carry some in waterproof baggies to start fires in emergencies.


What good are firestarters for emergency situations if you don’t have matches to start the fire? You can rub two sticks together all you want, but these are the most pragmatic way to start a fire. Keep them with you.


From carving up food to stripping bark from trees, a knife is the most useful tool to have in your camping and hiking excursion.

Extra Food

Just pack the extra food. It is never a bad thing to have at least an extra day’s supply of food with you. You never know when you can find yourself in a tough situation.

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Bring These Camping Appliances With You Every Trip

Going into a camping store, you are bound to get bamboozled by the wide range of cool supplies and equipment available.

It is easy to get carried away and end up purchasing a lot of things that you would never need during a trip. They will simply become a burden to carry around, not to mention, it would have cost you a huge chunk of money. When buying and packing camping gear, it is essential to take the items that will be essential for your trip. Here is a list of essential camping appliances that you must carry with you on every trip:

Waterproof Tent

With unpredictable weather conditions, it is essential to pack up a good quality, water proof tent. You wouldn’t want to sleep wet would you? Also, make sure you have the right size and quantity of tents for your trip. If a tent can fit five people, ensure that it’s limited to four people so that there is more space for everyone.

Camp Lighting

You can’t only rely on camp fires as your only source of light in the dark. There are numerous types of camp lighting available. If you are a first time camper, make sure you have more lights because it may come as a shock to you just how dark it can get in the wilderness. Think carefully about your needs and requirements and make sure you pack a few lights for inside the tent and also for outside the tent.


You would need a shovel to clear a campsite, bang pegs for tents, fix embers or fire logs, and dig holes. You might even need to dig up your own toilet facility, so a shovel would be crucial for that too. Make sure you get a high quality shovel which has a sturdy handle.

Sleeping Bag

This is a must have for all camping trips. You would need good sleep so that you are energized and ready to a full day ahead in the wilderness. It can get super frustrating to sleep with not enough warmth. A sleeping bag is comfortable and cozy for sleeping in any kind of weather.

First Aid Kit

Before you even think about packing any appliance or supplies, you must pack a first aid kit. This is essential for your safety as well as for the safety of others. You must make sure that each person going with you has a separate first aid kit with them at all times in case of emergency. It is also important to learn a little about administrating first aid so that you are better prepared for emergencies.

Camping Stove

You would of course need a stove to cook or heat up your food. There are plenty of options for camping stoves available in any camping store, including compact ones that are easier to carry around and even ones that can charge your cell phones! You can select the ones which fits your requirements and budget. Just ensure you get a reliable appliance.


You simply can’t go into the wilderness without a knife. Knives are one of the most useful tools during the entire trip. They are used to hunt for food, prepare food, cut ropes, and much more. A good quality knife can help you throughout your trip.


This is another essential appliance to have in your pack with you at all times. You can’t exactly wander around carrying your camping lights, especially if you are simply walking around a few meters away from campsite. It is handy and easy to carry and also best in case of emergencies.

Water Purifier

Water is a necessity throughout your trip. A water purifier ensures that you have safe and uncontaminated water. Make sure you also take along a good quality water container to store the water.

Portable Cooler/Fridge

You will need to keep your food cold to save it from getting bad. A portable fridge or cooler can come in handy for this purpose and it will also keep your drinks cool. Make sure that you freeze ice in large plastic containers like juice and milk cartons to put in the cooler.

Cellphone and Power Bank

Cell phones on wilderness adventures are not for entertainment purpose but mostly for emergency situations. You need to conserve the power of your cell phones so that you are able to communicate with your group or emergency services when needed. Bringing along a power bank will ensure a longer battery life.

No matter how many days you plan to stay in the wilderness, it is essential to you are better prepared for all kinds of situations. The right camping appliances will make your trip more fun and exciting, all the while ensuring your safety.

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How To Choose The Best Tents For Camping

Selecting the right tent for your camping adventure can become intimidating.

There is a wide range of options available in every camping store. The right tent for you might not work well for someone else. It’s mostly about your personal preference as well as the requirements of your camping trip. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best tent for camping:

Number of People

The basic concept is that a four people tent can fit four people. Avoid following this concept. It only means that it can fit four people but it would be a tight fit. You won’t be able to sleep comfortably. A four people tent could sleep three people but if you want a comfortable experience, fit in two people in a four people tent. This way two people can sleep comfortably and there will also be enough room to store their baggage.

Before buying a tent, you need to consider the amount of space you would need and how much baggage you would want to store inside. It is also best to consider the height of the individuals. Tall people would require more space if they want to sleep comfortably.

Weather Conditions

Considering the weather you would be camping in is also a major thing to consider before you buy a tent. Certain tents are suited better for different environments. A summer tent is lightweight, has plenty of ventilation but it is not ideal for harsh weather conditions. While a three season tent is more suitable for heavier winds and rain, all the while giving protection against the cold.

However, if you are going camping during the winters, a three season tent won’t be suitable. Opt for a winter tent so that you can easily and comfortably camp in the snow. If you only go camping in a sunny day, you don’t have to invest in a fancy tent. But it is ideal to ensure that the tent can withstand unexpected rain and storms.

Tent Material

You should also consider the material of the tent. Tents made from canvas (cotton) are water resistant but can get heavier after absorbing water. However, they are more durable. While polyester/nylon tents are also water proof but they can deteriorate faster in sunlight. Numerous tents claim to be waterproof but the cheaper ones are not that water resistant as you would hope for. Make sure you invest in a good quality tent and avoid opting for cheaper options.

The most neglected part of a tent is the zip. Make sure you check the quality of the zipper and ensure that it is non-rusting, moves easily and doesn’t catch on fabric. The fly of the tent should be nylon waterproof with polyurethane coating or silicone and polyurethane coatings. Ideally, a fly must cover the entire tent including the doors and windows to offer the best possible protection from rain and harsh weather.

Weight Matters

Are you planning to travel with the tent for long distance? If you are then you need to consider the weight of the tent as well. A few of the larger tents are heavier to carry even when transferring them from your car to the campsite. If you are going camping alone, would you be able to carry the tent alone?

Make sure you consider these factors as well before you buy the tent. If you are planning to hike with the tent in your backpack, you have to make sure it is lightweight so that you can easily hike long distances.

Don’t Forget Ventilation

If this is your first time going camping, you might be unaware of how damp a tent can get. You wouldn’t want to wake up and all your possessions dampened. This is the reason why you need to make sure that the tent you are considering to purchase has proper ventilation. Opt for the tents that offer ventilation even with the rain fly on. Also, look for tents that have well placed vents in order to reduce the issue of condensation.

Additional Features to Consider

Aside from the basic features, what do you want in your tent? There are plenty of additional features offered in various tents. A few things you may want to consider are:

  • How many doors do you want? (Usually 2 door tents are considered ideal)
  • How many windows you want in your tent? (For ventilation purposes)
  • Do you want storage pockets? (Helps in keeping things organized)
  • What size of canopy would you prefer? (Enhances protection from various elements)

Consider the things and features that are more important to you. With more camping experience, you would better understand which additional features you want in your tent.

With these basic considerations, you would know how to choose the best tent for your camping adventure. Remember to try out your tent to ensure that it is the right fit for you. Also, ensure that the tent comes with warranties so that you can enjoy your new tent for a long time.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Essential Camping Gear

Camping is an amazing activity that can be a beautiful experience.

It can give you endless joy regardless of the weather or the hardships that you may face during a trip. An important exercise is to follow a beginner’s guide to essential camping gear before going out on a trip. Here, we share a few important camping solutions that you must consider and acquire to have the best camping trip.

Sleeping Bags

The first essential camping gear element is your sleeping bag. Remember, you may have to move in various environments, where the ground may be freezing and you will be left at the expense of the conditions. A good sleeping bag provides you the personal space that you need under all camping conditions.

A good bag may cost you well over one hundred dollars. It often includes an air padding section that ensures that you always get a cushion of air around you. Another advantage of a good bag is that regardless of the condition of the tent or the camp that you have to share with others, your sleeping bags will always offer a warm and cozy environment.

Tent Supplies

An essential camping gear is certainly your tent and the related supplies that are required to erect it in a functioning order. You should always buy multiple tent accessories and setups, as there is no single size that fits all use conditions. You should at least have a lightweight small tent, which is ideal for single-person use, which allows backpacking across the woods. However, you should also get a larger tent that you can use if you are going on a camping trip with a group of friends or family members.

The tent supplies are important because they create an interior for you in any camping condition. You should also get a heavier tent if you are one who loves the outdoors even in the winter. An expensive tent will a durable fabric is required for use in the winter. However, it may cost you close to 300 dollars if you buy a reputed and proven product.

There are also other supplies that we all include in this group. This may be the poles, the ropes and other stuff that you need to set up your camp and ensures that you can use it in an intended manner.


Maps are extremely important. You should always have the detailed maps of the area in which you are going in for camping. They are part of the essential camping gear, and can make a difference when it comes to saving your life and the life of others that are around you. Remember, you should also learn to use the maps properly, so that when the time comes, you are equipped to understand how you can get out of a tough situation.


Another important one essential camping gear items is your backpack. Always ensure that you buy backpacks that are lightweight, but made out of extremely sturdy material. However, your decision for a backpack depends on your use. If you want to camp at a place and not move around much, then a small backpack is all that you need, because you can carry the other supplies independently.

However, if you want to camp but also enjoy backpacking across the terrain, especially when you are out there in isolated camping environments, you should get a strong and large backpack. Remember, get a solid bag, which is easy to carry, provides value for money and has separate compartments to sort out your articles.

First Aid

Camping requires you to perform various physical activities and this increases the risk of injuries. Minor cuts and bruises are common when moving through the woods, and can cause you a lot of problems, if left untreated. An upset stomach can also ruin an otherwise, amazing camping trip. What you need is efficient first aid kit that can resolve all these problems.

This kit should have aspirins, bandages and bug sprays. You can also add other items according to the dangers and risks that you may face on a particular camping trip.

Hiking Boots

Camping requires that you go over difficult terrain, move around most of the day, and then also carry out other activities. An essential camping gear is a pair of durable hiking boots. These boots should be weather-proof and let you enjoy the fun of camping by keeping your feet dry and protected from bugs and bushes.

These are just some of the essential camping gear that you must find before attempting a camping trip. Remember, you can only enjoy your time with nature, if your basic needs and security are addressed with good supplies!