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Best Towns for Outdoor Adventure

The United States is the place you need to be as it has the best towns for outdoor adventure.

From kayaking through rough waters to hiking on trails on the mountains to hearing the loud fall of water on rocks and a peaceful walk through old forests, there is so much to do in such less time.

Without any further ado, we will tell you about the best places around the U.S. for the most thrilling outdoor adventure. Whether it is in small or large states, these places have promised to give their visitors an experience of a lifetime. Be ready as you head on your travels around the country!

Portland, Oregon

Located at the base of mountains and beautiful green forests, Portland is the ultimate place to have an outdoor experience. Within the city, you have access to a Forest Park that is home to many different moss covered trees. Just a few miles out, you can go on mountain tops where you can do some world class skiing and spend time on trails. Near the city, you can spend your time hiking and cycling alongside the most beautiful waterfalls in the entire country.

  • Cozy up around a campfire on the Eagle Creek Trail.
  • Go for hiking on the Dog Mountain.

Cody, Wyoming

Located on the eastern side of the Yellowstone National park and the west side of the Bighorn Basin, Cody is definitely the town for all the cowboys. It is the ultimate gateway to true Wyoming adventure. In this town, you have the opportunity to witness four different mountain ranges. While you are on a mountain summit, you can go whitewater paddling or for an adventure on the Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley. Additionally, a town favorite is the rodeo that happens every evening.

  • Enjoy hiking on the Heart Mountain.
  • Catch some fish while you are fishing on the Clarks Fork River.

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is the town that is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Regardless of the weather, Aspen is one of the best towns for outdoor adventure. There is scrumptious food available, a calm vibe and adventure that will give you crazy adrenaline rushes. Since it is near the Elk Range Mountains, you can access amazing activities all year round. During the wintertime, there are different mountains that you can choose from. During the summer, visiting the Maroon Bells is necessary.

  • Skiing on the Aspen Mountains, Aspen Highlands, or the Snowmass
  • Camping on the Conundrum Hot Springs
  • A wonderful hike on the Maroon Bells

Boise, Idaho

Located amongst the high desert and the edges of mountains, Boise is the town that offers you the best trails and canoeing experiences. The city is on a valley that is a couple of miles away from the Whitewater Rivers and a few more miles away from high-desert trails and other trailheads.

  • Go for an ultimate whitewater paddling experience at the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.
  • A memorable bike ride through the Polecat Gulch
  • A hike through the Jump Creek Falls

Salt Lake City, Utah

Recently, Salt Lake City has been recognized for its outdoor pleasures. For the true adventure seekers, this place has to be it. There are endless opportunities to go bicycling, skiing, climbing, and even running. Salt Lake City is the perfect mix of city life and mountain adventure. You have the freedom to go mountain biking in the morning, skiing later the day and at night, you can enjoy some live music while you are eating. Undoubtedly, Salt Lake City had to make it to the best towns for outdoor adventure list.

  • Go to Mid Mountain trails for your morning bike ride.
  • Do a little climbing on Joe’s Valley,
  • Choose Powder Mountains for the best skiing experience.

Burlington, Vermont

There is no introduction needed for Burlington. It is located near Lake Champlain that is an adventure itself, but there is so much more to do. There is an access to the Green Mountains, entrance to open forests and an entire wilderness waiting to be explored. Make sure you are packing all your hiking, bike riding, and adventure-seeking accessories as you are going on this venture.

  • Go for mountain bike riding on Cady Hill Forest.
  • The best hiking experience on Camel’s Hump

Adventure Calling

Now that you are aware of the best towns for outdoor adventure, make sure you plan a trip worth remembering!


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23 Must-Visit American Cities for Outdoor Adventure Travel

Where are we droppin’ boys?

Planning a road trip with your squad? Well, here are the must-visit American cities for outdoor adventure travel.

Asheville, North Carolina

Probably the only mountain on the Southeast that requires no introduction is in Asheville. Asheville is known for its passion for art and music where you can enjoy camping, biking and water paddling.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is must on the 23 must-visit American cities for outdoor adventure travel list, as it is known as the “adventure paradise.” With green forests and volcanic mountains, this city offers an experience beyond imagination.

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Enriched with beaches and endless surfing opportunities, Hilton Head is the perfect coastal getaway. Here, you can choose to stroll through rain forests or spend time with the dolphins.

Cody, Wyoming

Cody is the ultimate stop for all the people that have a cowboy hidden within them. You can either go on the mountain peaks or through rivers, but make sure you make it in time for the local rodeo!

Aspen, Colorado

This town on the 23 must-visit American cities for outdoor adventure travel list provides everyone with an amazing camping, skiing and hiking experience, this place is the best to have a serene outlook on life.

Bellingham, Washington

Bellingham is the ultimate stop for winter sports and summer hiking lovers. With intricate mountain trails for hiking and coastal lakes for kayaking, travelling to this place will make you feel like an ultimate adventurer.

Telluride, Colorado

Amongst the towns on the 23 must-visit American cities for outdoor adventure travel list, Telluride was made for Olympic skiing, ultra-running and mountain biking as you open doors to other adventures within.

Portland, Maine

Experience the best of both worlds in this town as you can have a hiking adventure and the best water sport opportunity. With this, you can indulge in delicious seafood accompanied with live music.

Boise, Idaho

Boise is most popular for the best canoeing rivers. This town provides everyone with insane water sport opportunities, mountain biking & hiking, and a taste of the wilderness.

Santa Barbara, California

This town provides you with the ultimate beaching experience — from surfing to spending time at hot springs on the mountains.

Seattle, Washington

This large city is full of seas, mountains, and forests. Make sure you are ready to pack your backpack for camping & climbing, spending time along the waters, and walks through forests.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

The reason for Chattanooga being on the 23 must-visit American cities for outdoor adventure travel list is that there are surfing-&-sailing options, along with hiking & trekking opportunities topped with paddling & kayaking experiences.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Different season, different experience. During the winter, have the best skiing adventure and during the springtime, spend time on the muddy hiking trail or whitewater paddling.

San Francisco, California

The ultimate adventure would be to take a walk on the Golden Gate Bridge, mountain biking, camping on the headlands while you enjoy food on the Californian Bay.

Moab, Utah

Another ideal destination for those who like cycling through the mountain peaks while enjoying touristy things in town. Make sure you experience the best mountain biking in the world.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Have an easy access to good food, evergreen roads, smooth biking trails and the ultimate adventure. Along with road sports, you have the opportunity to go flat-water paddling!

Durango, Colorado

Have a beautiful look through nature while you are hiking on the tall mountains and cycling through rigid roads.

Austin, Texas

This town has to offer excellent hiking opportunities along with limestone climbs and cycling through the lands of this beautiful town. After the adventure, pig out to the best food ever!

San Diego, California

From surfing and water rafting to hiking with the perfect view of the beach, this city will radiate all types of energies so make the most of it.

Salt Lake City, Utah

This town has been getting attention for its beautiful blend of city and adventure life. You can spend your mornings cycling on the mountains or skiing and evening at a local food shop.

Boulder, Colorado

This is the ultimate spot for camping in the old forests, hiking through large trees and mountain biking while experiencing the exotic wilderness.

Orlando, Florida

A good balance between evergreen lands and grainy-sand beaches, this town is packed with fun! You can go camping in the preserves or water paddling through well-known rivers.

Burlington, Vermont

Along with amazing water paddling opportunities on the calm waters to cycling & hiking through open forests while witnessing the ultimate wilderness.

Now that you know the 23 must-visit American cities for outdoor adventure travel, this will be the most memorable trip of your life.

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