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Best National Park Vacations for Couples

They say that it is better to spend money on experiences rather than things…

And rightly so! But when your experiences are accompanies with the hand of a beloved and the rarest gifts of Mother Nature, the word “experience” isn’t quite enough to encapsulate the phenomenon. Here are some of the places where you might be able to experience such a phenomenon:

Arches National Park

The Arches National Park is, perhaps, the best location for a vacation with your beloved. From the beauty to the peace to the relaxation to the overall experience to the love in the air—the Arches National Park has got everything that you can ask for. Regardless of whether you’ve got a day to spare for the vacation or an entire weekend, you can be sure of the fact that the Arches National Park has got something for you and your partner to enjoy. While every season is in its full glow in this park, the spring time and the Arches National Park appear to have a different proximity altogether!

Death Valley National Park

The Death Valley National Park is not “just another” retreat for two individuals who are madly in love. Rather, the place is perfect for such couples who have got the spirit of adventure imbued within their souls. Why? Well, it’s because the Death Valley National Park is a place of extremes where you’ll find all sorts of landscapes. From dunes to mountains to salt pans—the Death Valley National Park has got them all. This national park is known, typically, for its dry climate but don’t let that stop you from having the adventure of your life with your partner!

Virgin Islands National Park

The Virgin Islands National Park is perfect place for you to unwind with your partner. Why? Well, what can be more romantic than a chance to relax under the sun, while the waves crash at your feet? From snorkeling to scuba diving to mountain biking to complete tours—the Virgin Islands National Park is the perfect spot for tourists and lovers, alike, owing to how beach isn’t the only thing that the park takes pride in. At the Virgin Islands National Park, you can either choose to lay low with your partner or have an adventure instead by getting lost in the 20 miles of hiking trails that the park has got to offer.

Grand Tetons National Park

If you’re looking to take a vacation in the fall then the Grand Tetons National Park is “the” place where you need to be. There are few places on Mother Earth that come alive during the fall season like the Grand Tetons National Park. Imagine a wide range of aspen, exploring with different colors, in the backdrop of the Grand Tetons Mountains. Can it get any better than that? Only a select few (read: lucky!) will disagree. From the rare wildlife to the sight of the Snake River winding into the mountains—some of the scenes at the Grand Tetons National Park seem too good to be true!

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

The Glacier Bay National Park is perfect for those who are looking to leave all of their stresses behind, owing to the secluded location of the park. The Glacier Bay National Park can only be reached through a boat or plane, meaning that you and your loved one will be able to experience the much needed feeling of seclusion. From glacier cruises to boat tours to deep fjords to snow-capped mountains to awe-inspiring wildlife—the Glacier Bay National Park and Reserve has got it all for you to treasure and behold!

Acadia National Park

A list for the most romantic national parks cannot be completed without a mention of the Acadia National Park. Regardless of whether it’s a fun-filled park vacation that you’re looking for or a walk along the seaside—you can be sure that the Acadia National Park has got just what you need. The offers activities like biking, hiking, camping and bird-watching for you and your partner to indulge in. However, if you’re looking to make the most out of your visit to the Acadia National Park, you’ve got to take a hike to the top of the Cadillac Mountain. The sight of the beautiful sunrise—or the majestic sunset—is bound to set the fire of love burning!

The gifts of Mother Nature are vast, no doubt, and they certainly make the destinations for having the best time with your loved one!

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Best Hiking Trails in the U.S.

Hiking through the wilderness is a great way to experience the outdoors.

There are a lot of opportunities for the adventurous minded to connect with nature.

If you would like to go on a trip but not quite sure where to go hiking, we have prepared a list of some of the best hiking trails in the U.S. that are sure to give you a great time.

Acadia National Park

Located in the state of Maine, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, this park is considered the crown Jewel of the North-Atlantic coast. More than 3 million people visit the park every year to enjoy its peaks and hikes. The park has over 120 miles of hiking trails, a dozen stone bridges, 45 miles of carriage roads and four lighthouses.

Cadillac Mountain Ridge and Precipice are two of its popular hiking trails

Cadillac Mountain North Ridge Trail

It is the tallest mountain on the North-Atlantic coast and the star attraction at the park. There is a road that gives access to the summit. A lot of visitors prefer to make the trip on foot enjoying the lush green view along the way.

It is a four-mile upward hike and some people take it for the challenge.

Precipice Trail

This high rising trail runs steep, climbing a thousand feet up on the eastern side of Champlain Mountain. It provides a dazzling view of the ocean and the coast. Though it only runs 1.6 mile in length, it is quite strenuous and not suitable for people with acrophobia.

Zion National Park

Utah’s first national park offers plenty of opportunities for visitors to experience nature and wilderness. Massive sandstone cliffs, of red, pink and grey soar into the brilliant blue sky. As hikers make their way across the trails, the unique flora and fauna of this park captivates them. It has a rich history. Ancient natives and recent pioneers made their way through this park and it offers plenty of opportunity for adventure.

Angel’s Landing

You will love this 2.4 mile hike that runs close to the Virgin River, ascending to a series of steep spinning roads that join together. The path narrows down at the final stretch before opening into the summit of the Angel’s landing, a 1,488 foot high natural rock formation that gives a gorgeous view of the whole park.

Kenai Fjords National Park

The park lies on the edge of the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. It is a land of Ice, Mountains and Ocean and the perfect spot for a good hiking trip. Around 40 glaciers float across the Harding Icefield, the most popular attraction which is home to wildlife and lush forests.

Harding Icefield Trail

The 4-mile trail gives an amazing view of the expansive park, which is spread over 700 square miles. Hikers make their way through forests, alpine meadows and enormous sheets of snow. The hike is considered challenging where you have to deal with both the terrain and temperature.

Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon is a wonder of nature and attracts millions of visitors every year, both from within and outside the U.S. Located in the state of Arizona; the park is spread over an area of almost 2,000 miles.

It has canyons, river tributaries and hiking trails running for miles. Two of the more popular trails are Mooney Falls and South Kaibab.

South Kaibab Trail

This 6-mile trail descends on ridges that offer an amazing and unique view of the canyon that you would not find anywhere else in the park. The trail runs along a narrow tributary and considered moderately strenuous.

Mooney Falls

This 3-mile trail is both beautiful and adventurous. Starting near the Hualapai Indian Reservation, the trail runs through a couple of tunnels and descends into a beautiful natural basin at the bottom. Hikers get a view of the mesmerizing 200-foot river fall during the length of the course. The trail ends at the base rewarding hikers with a view of the majestic pool with water splashing down the red walls of the rock canyon.

Olympic National Park

This Washington state park offers a lot of diversity to visitors. The park is spread over almost a million acres and a wildlife sanctuary. It protects thousands of years of human history and home to natural ecosystems. It has temperate rain forests with trees that are more than hundreds of years old, glacier capped mountains overlooking the horizon and runs seventy miles across the Pacific coastline.

Hoh River Trail

This trail stretches over 17-mile and is the crown jewel of the park. It runs through a temperate rain forest with plenty of opportunities to observe wildlife, and offers views of Mount Olympus and Blue Glacier which lie at the end of the hike. It is highly recommended for people who want a good hiking trip challenge while also wishing to experience nature.

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Most Romantic Getaways in National Parks

A national park may not be the ideal place to go for a romantic getaway, but they provide lovebirds with the perfect romantic/adventurous experience.

These national parks allow couples to experience adrenaline rushes together.

If you are looking for a thrilling yet memorable experience with your loved one, you will benefit from this article that lists the most romantic getaways in national parks!

Arches National Park

Whether you are going for one day or an extended period, the Arches National Park is the place to be. How perfectly romantic would it be to go hiking while enjoying beautiful views with your sweetheart? This park is beautiful as it radiates a peaceful, relaxing, and serene vibe. Along with releasing stress, you can enjoy taking pictures with wildflowers, hiking on trails and a walk on the world’s longest natural arch.

Virgin Islands National Park

Fall in love once again while you enjoy a chilled Piña Coladas and the beautiful white sand beach with your lover. This will give you a reconnection with Mother Nature as well as alone time with your partner. Can this get any more romantic? Along with the basic adventures like hiking, there are opportunities to go snorkeling, scuba diving, and the chance to visit the place where the coastline meets the forests. Pack your bathing suit, sunscreen, and hiking shoes, so you can hit the road.

Acadia National Park

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most romantic getaways in national parks. Vintage but charming, this park ensures you with the ultimate fun-filled vacay and tours around the seaside towns located on the east coast. The opportunities are endless as you can go camping, bird watching, biking, hiking and much more. To enjoy the most romantic moment, grab a blanket and go to the top of the Cadillac Mountain. There you can enjoy a romantic sunset or sunrise while cozying up with your partner.

Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve

This is your chance to get closer to each other as you both will need to get warm in this cold park. From witnessing semi-frozen lakes to the sound of nature, this is a beautiful way to get away from the world. This park is isolated, so your adventure begins with intimacy. You will be away from the stresses of everyday life and close to the person you are in love with. You have the opportunity to see wildlife, snow-covered mountains, and cruises through glaciers.

Haleakala National Park

Hawaii parks are known as one of the most romantic getaways in national parks. You get to experience warm air blended with tropical breezes, open fresh waters, and exquisite seafood. There are two choices at this park. You can explore it by hiking through volcanoes and enjoying heavenly views of the sunrise and sunset. Alternatively, you can explore the pools and waterfalls. It includes hiking trails and tours for those who want to learn more. Get your backpack ready and do not forget to keep sunscreen and shoes for this perfect getaway.

Saguaro National Park

If you want to witness the most beautiful blend of orange and red with desert landscapes, cactuses and red rocks as the background, this is the national park for you and your partner! Whether you choose to go on a couple’s horse riding venture or a stroll through the wilderness to picnics in isolation, this park ensures the ultimate peaceful getaway. Experience exotic bird watching, couple massages, and romantic walks through beautifully made lands.

Gettysburg National Military Park

Everything is fair in love and war, right? Forget about what you may be thinking about; this park is more than just a history lesson. There is unlimited activity planned for you and yours. You can go on guided tours of the battlefield, biking and hiking. You can learn about the war in a little more depth and get a private history lesson with your love by your side. You can also go on a drive as you drive through and go to the Gettysburg Museum of the Civil War or the Soldier’s National Cemetery.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Are you looking for the most romantic getaway in national parks IN a city? If so, this is the one for you. You can choose between outdoor activities, quiet escapade, or a historical adventure, as you can find all of this in one park. The couple can go swimming, fishing, and camping, hiking, and even horseback riding. Make sure you are packing your valuables while you head onto having the perfect escape with your love.

Now that you are aware of the most romantic getaways in national parks, better start packing. Take your significant other on an adventure he or she will remember forever. Make the most of every national park and flaunt your experiences!

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