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AtoZ Reviews: Lancer Tactical Knightshade Airsoft Pistol



By Eoin May, AtoZ Reviews

Do you know what the fastest-growing tactical sport in the world is? In the last 10 years airsoft has grown from a little flimsy toy you buy at discount stores to a worldwide sport. Not only has the sport exploded, but the quality of airsoft guns that are being manufactured is rising by the year. One business that has been at the forefront of the airsoft industry in America is Lancer Tactical. Lancer Tactical is based out of California and they make some of the highest-quality airsoft pistols on the market. I recently tested the Lancer Tactical Knightshade pistol—and I was beyond impressed. This pistol has a CNC aluminum ported slide and an injection molded polymer frame. Yes, you heard that right, this pistol is not plastic. All the materials used in this pistol are durable and made for use, not play. This pistol has a high-capacity magazine and is green gas propelled.

Let’s start with the durability and utility. The barrel is made from aluminum, the frame is polymer, and even the Picatinny rails metal. This airsoft gun can handle some real-world abuse. In the past I have dropped multiple different cheap airsoft guns and every single time the magwell would chip or the tip of the barrel would break, not with the Knightshade. I actually dropped it multiple times and never had a problem with it once. Besides the obvious use of this in an airsoft competition, one other primary use for those of us that are not a professional airsoft athlete, is training.

As Andy Yoshida (Sales and Marketing Manager of Lancer) and I talked about, in my video above, the connection to airsoft through training has a lot of benefits. The weight of the pistol lends itself to this use. The gun itself is light, but with a magazine inserted the weight closely mimics a real pistol. This pistol feels and runs just like a regular 9mm would, with a realistic blowback action. How good would it be to have a pistol that you can shoot and train anywhere with? This airsoft pistol has given me the chance to practice twice as much as I would with my M&P.

Now that is not the only benefit. Something everyone can agree on is that there are at least two things in this world that are always priced too high: gas and ammunition. Lancer Tactical can’t help you with your SUV’s MPG, but incorporating airsoft into your training would lower the amount of ammunition you shoot. The difference in price per round for BBs and centerfire ammunition is pennies on the dollar.

Let’s get to the Knightshade’s looks. There’s a one-word description, and that is “cool.” The gold trigger, magwell, and barrel really make this pistol pop. If flashy pistols or firearms aren’t your thing, don’t worry; Lancer has a lot of different color variations including all-black. If you love flashy guns, Lancer also has different colored barrels that can suit anyone. It’s at an incredible value at a little under $200. Trust me guys, this pistol and airsoft is worth a try.

Lancer is a great company and the Knightshade gets the AtoZ stamp of approval. This pistol has given me the chance to practice a lot more and the practice I have done has rolled over great to actual firearms. Go to their website and try one out and leave your opinion in the comments. Go follow me on Instagram @atoz_reviews and on YouTube @AtoZ Reviews. I post all my videos on my You Tube and post all the products I do articles on even the ones I don’t write about on my Instagram. I post on my Instagram a week earlier then I post my articles, so to get a sneak peek give me a follow.

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