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Best Running Shoes Under $150

Your closest companion when you’re out is the shoes on your feet.

You know the drill, putting on your worn out shoes that barely fit and are falling apart at the seams. It’s time for a new pair. Why not up your game and get some that are comfortable and fit all of your duties? Welcome to the world of running shoes.

Running is also one of the easiest ways to get a good workout. The hardest part is not knowing which shoes to aid you in your journey. After a while, your feet tend to hurt and getting a good pair of shoes is key to maintaining your endurance and not putting a premature end to your venture. Here is a list of the best shoes money can buy for under $150.

Asics GEL-Cumulus 19: $59.99-$69.99

The Cumulus series is a favorite among runners for the outstanding cushioning and long term comfort. The shoe is designed so the foot has an even distribution point upon landing, and also has a quality mesh body for ventilation. The previous generation from Asics is on sale as the 20 series are out, providing an amazing pair of shoes for half the price. They come in a wide variety of colors which should suit just about everyone and their mother (you should get her a pair too).

Reebok Floatride Run: $54.97-$150

Reebok’s philosophy is to make the lightest possible shoe to make your feet feel responsive. What makes this shoe different? Well, the heel is 3D printed, claiming to support up to half-marathon distances. The responsive feel is from the Floatride foam, making the shoe lightweight yet soft. There are also a few different color schemes that might match your style.

But wait, there’s more! If you want to get a completely 3D printed variant of the shoe, Reebok is offering their Liquid Floatride Run for $180 which is 20% lighter than the original. They also changed the laces a bit to make them slip on with a comfortable firm fit.

Saucony Azura: $85

“Just one seriously awesome sneaker”. Saucony focuses on the inside of the shoe to produce a comfortable long lasting shoe built for the foot. It’s a retro shoe brought back from 1988 with the same color scheme, the orange and white. Made with micro-suede and the original rigidity bar, this is a serious bargain for $85.

New Balance 1500v5: $109.99

The 1500v5’s offer superior lightweight construction. New Balance claims their REVLite foam is 30% lighter compared to other foams with the same durability. Classified as racing flats, they took inspiration from their spike line-up in terms of a new aesthetic with two beautiful styles. With a sturdy outsole and superior lightweight mesh upper, these shoes will suffice from going on a walk to Walmart to a full marathon.

adidas Pureboost Go LTD:  $120

These shoes were designed to be springy; you can push off and get more of a bounce from the BOOST midsoles aimed for faster-oriented runs and corners as opposed to long training sessions. Built around the city, the boost offers a true foot mold that provides easy movement for the Achilles. As opposed to the mesh upper, the Pureboost Go LTD has a knitted breathable fabric with a few colors to choose from.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Shield: $130

Have you ever wanted to go for a run in the rain? These are an exceptional pair of shoes for the moderate to extreme weather. For everyday runs or races, the Air Zoom Pegasus has a grippy sole even when the ground is wet. There is a new lacing system too. It’s a small adjustable piece on the lace that gives you a good fit during any season.

Did we mention that you can even customize it to your liking? On Nike’s website, the possibilities are endless. Although these custom shoes go for $155, they aren’t a bad deal especially when you can make them look however you please.

Under Armour HOVR Sonic 2: $100

Under Armour is a staple in the athletic department. Not only do they make pretty much everything under the sun, but their HOVR Sonic 2’s are also phenomenal for the price. The HOVR technology makes the runner fell weightless allowing for increased endurance. The rubber soles have abrasive to increase traction on the ground and provide counterweights for an even step.

These neutral running shoes also give runners an option to connect their smartphones wirelessly to track all of your running statistics and has the ability to aid your performance by telling you what you can improve on.

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Fisher’s fans chose the imprint design via a social media poll

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Fisher Space Pen Co. has created a special edition of its iconic Bullet Pen to celebrate the 70th anniversary of its popular “bullet” pen. The new pen is made from classic chrome with a sleek black titanium nitride cap with a unique, custom laser-engraved sunburst design, chosen by Fisher’s fans via a social media poll. Click to shop.

The Fisher Bullet Space Pen was an instant hit since it was conceived by my grandfather, Paul Fisher, in 1948,” says Matt Fisher, VP of Sales & Marketing. “It continues to be one of our most popular pens for its dependability and visual appeal.

The Fisher Bullet Space Pen is often cited as an outstanding symbol of American industrial and elegant design. The pen, with its classic design, was exhibited for years in the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and it is now part of their permanent collection. The Bullet’s timeless styling has been the topic of many art books and magazine articles.

The original Bullet Space Pen was conceived in July of 1948 as one of Paul Fisher’s first ideas. This new pen design shaped from solid aluminum became Fisher’s first ball point pen – the 400 Bullet Pen – named for its sleek rounded ends and arguably the most popular pen of the twentieth century. When closed, the Fisher Bullet Space Pen is the perfect size to carry in your pocket, purse, wallet, glove compartment, organizer or tool box. When open, it’s a full sized, evenly balanced writing instrument.



This mid-century modern pen is available in a wide range of colors and finishes and remains one of Fisher Space Pen’s most popular gift items. Check out the Fisher Bullet Space Pen Collection here.

The Fisher Space Pen brand has become an iconic symbol of American technology and design. It is the subject of hundreds of fan videos and has been featured on several TV programs including an episode of the hit series “Seinfeld.” Click here to watch the Seinfeld clip. And click here to check out our YouTube Channel.

The Fisher Space Pen Pressurized Ink Cartridge enables the free-flow of ink in zero gravity. It writes upside down, under water, on almost any surface, in extreme temperatures ranging from -30 to +250 degrees F (-35 to +121 Celsius) and three times longer than the average pen.






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Travel Tips & Tools

The last thing you want on your next expedition is to be unprepared.

For travelers, it is important to be aware of travel tips and tools in order to have a fun-filled and safe travelling experience. If you are embarking on a long-awaited journey, here are the best travel tips & tools that will help you enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Light Travelling

Travelling with fewer items is more convenient and easier for those who are going for long travels. It is always helpful to have a lightweight travel carry-on only that offers enough space to pack clothes that can serve as multi-functional and small accessories.

Going Green

All the humans in the world are aware of the fact that taking care of Earth is important. Try keeping your waste products to a limit. Recycle as much as you can. Try using natural products.

Staying Smart

Being active and smart on the road will save you from making spontaneous and stupid decisions and will prevent any damages from happening. Find out about your destination and plan as much as you can beforehand.

The Right Apps

Having the right apps on your phone can save you from a lot of mishap on the road and is an important thing on the travel tips & tools list. Apps help with directions, DIY equipment and can also tell you where to get food from, so do not forget this!

Lunch Is the Best Option

If you want to save some cash, going for lunch is the best option. Dinners can be expensive, but mostly all restaurants drop their rates for lunch. However, make sure you are getting street food as well so you can enjoy the exotic taste of your destination.


This is a favorite on the travel tips & tools list. Saving money by walking is a smart choice. This has a two-way benefit, as it will allow you to explore the place you are in and will also help you save some money.

Stay Entertained

Travelling alone can be boring as it can take a toll on you. While waiting in long queues, plane rides or delays, having a tablet or audio book could keep your mind off things. Download books or search for movies to watch!

Cash and All

After you have converted to the local currency, make sure you are hiding it in different places. In case of any robbery or loss, having money in other places could save you from a lot of inconvenience.


Staying connected with the world is a necessity. Do not bother buying a new connection in the new country, rather purchase an international SIM that will allow you to stay connected with everyone, everywhere. You can recharge it whenever you need!

One Way Tickets

One-way tickets are cheaper, provide customers with more flexibility while flying and have better in-flight plans. They are also a smarter option, as they will save you from the hassle of re-booking in case you want to stay longer.

Visa Awareness

Being aware of your visa is crucial during travel. If you exceed your stay time, you will have to face some serious consequences. You will have to pay for fines and penalties, you might face a future entry ban on you and in serious cases, you may end up going to jail! With so much at stake, make sure you are completely aware.

Let Everyone Know

As annoying as Facebook check-ins may seem, it is important to let everyone know where you are in case of an emergency. Since you will be in a new country, you must keep your close ones updated with where you are and what you are up to at all times.

Plan Your Trip

As mentioned before, getting the right apps for travelling is crucial. There are apps that allow you to plan your travels before you get to your destination. This is smart and helpful, as you will not get overwhelmed when you have reached the destination unprepared.


This is an important category on the travel tips & tools list. There are many alternatives when it comes to hotels and transportation. Make sure you are doing your research before blowing dollars on hotels. Check out the places that provide you with good deals at affordable rates.

Now that you are aware of the best travel tips & tools, make sure you travel smartly. Make the most of every destination and have as much fun as you can.

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Check Out the Best Gifts for Hunters in 2017

Buying a gift for a seasonal or a professional hunter is not an easy task.

With a great many varieties of hunting gear, and their constantly advancing versions and features, choosing one of the best gifts for hunters is a daunting task, especially when you hold no prior knowledge of hunting gear and their particular uses.

After all, it’s not easy to select a rifle, bow or shotgun for a hunter. But as you read on, you will be able to make your task a lot easier by having some great gift ideas for hunters. Moreover, you are more likely to select one of the best gifts for hunters because all of these gears are what exactly all the hunters need, use or at least like to try out.

Tips for selecting the Best Gift for hunters

While you are up to get a gift for a hunter, don’t forget to consider their complaints or recalling some recent stories they told you about. For instance, they need a new binocular because the old one has fogged up, or if they feel the need to get some waterproof boots. Similarly, if they are missing some good targets or opportunities, you may consider gifting a rangefinder.

All of these will help you in making the right choice and in selecting the best gift for hunters. So, let’s just have a look at some of these gears.

Nikon MONARCH 7i VR Rangefinder

This great hunting gear comes with a new feature of vibration reduction. If you have ever tried to run up a ridge just to come close to a deer, you would understand the usefulness of this gear. The gear holds a VR feature that cut downs the visual effects of movement by almost 80% and helps in getting a lot more accurate and quicker range.

So, if you want to go with a total game changer for a hunter, then this gear is one of the best gifts for hunters who aim to have a steadier look down the field.

TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Gaiters

When you hunt in a field full of rattlesnakes, snake-proof gaiters is a must-have accessory. Even though not every bite of a rattlesnake causes death, some may do, and even if not, you will still end up having massive health issues along with heavy medical bills. Whereas the majority of snake gaiters are stiff and bulky, TurtleSkin SnakeArmor is much more flexible, which makes it a convenient choice on any hunter’s hunting checklist.

Rifle Scope – Vortex Diamondback HP

If you are searching a gift for a seasonal hunter, chances are that he/she might be having an old scope. This means that if you gift them a riflescope that is actually a step up from that old one they have, they are going to love the replacement. You can choose Vortex Diamondback HP range as the replacement because the gear offers excellent warranty and even if the Vortex scope of the rifle is broken by the hunter, Vortex replaces it easily.

Bighorn Adventure Medical Kit

When a hunter gets down the beaten path, many sharp rocks and sticks are there to avoid. Similarly, it is common for hunters to get injured or get cut by their own knives or of followers as they try to handle a big game. Therefore, an upgraded and complete first-aid kit makes the best gift for hunters. So, go with the Bighorn medical kit because it offers all the things necessary for a hunter embarking on an adventurous expedition.

Hub Hunting Blind – Big Cat 350

Some hunters use tree/bush or clump of heavy grass to hide their silhouette and obscure their presence from good vision critters. This is because a lot of animals use their sense of smell but the majority of them have amazing eyesight to spot even the slightest movement. Therefore, gift your hunter a Big Cat 350 Hunting blind, which provides them with the extended area to hunt, allowing them to stay near natural funnels and trails which usually have no cover for hunters.

Conclusively, the best gift for hunters is the one that is both convenient to carry and perfect to use. So, don’t get yourself confused with all the different types of gears and countless hunting necessities, but go with the one that best suit your hunter’s need and their field of hunt.

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What Kind of Rope to Carry

If you regularly go out for hiking or on hunting trips, you would know the importance of carrying a rope with you.

A good, strong rope can come in handy in many kinds of survival and hunting situations.

Here is a review of the kinds of cordage available that you can take on a trip.

Twisted Rope

Twisted rope is the most common and simplest type of rope. It has been around for thousands of years and still being made in the same way that our ancestors made it. A regular rope is created by spinning a lot of fibers or yarn together to make thicker strands. A few strands are then twisted together to create a rope.

This kind of rope is not the strongest you can get. The strands tend to break after a few uses making it unreliable for extended use in the outdoors.

On the plus side, it is very visible and cheap. You can make a similar rope out of fibrous plants in a survival situation. Despite its weakness, a twisted rope can still fulfill some of your basic requirements such as tying up packages or holding things, like a tent, in place.

Braided Rope

A modern, double braided rope is an upgrade to the common rope. The individual strands of fiber are covered by a jacket which provides slightly better protection.

They are usually made with nylon, polyester or polypropylene. The rope has a central inner braid which is often made of a stronger material that can sustain an impact. The outer braids are designed to be resistant to abrasion.

A braided rope is reasonably strong, water resistant and shock absorbent. It is slightly heavier to carry and can be used for tying, securing, trapping and pulling. It will get the job done for every one of your adventuring needs and is one of the must-have tools in your survival kit.

Parachute Cord

Parachute cord type – III, also known as 550-cord is a military class or paracord, is an all-purpose cordage that is easily the best kind of rope to have for outdoor survival. The cord was originally designed for use in parachutes by the German military.

It consists of a high number of interwoven nylon strands, covered by a braided nylon sheath. The sheath protects the cord inner from abrasions while also give the cord a fairly bit of elasticity.

A typical cord is about one-eighth of an inch in diameter and has a breaking strength of 550lbs. It can be used multiple times and for a long time without abrasions.

Parachute cord is incredibly light to carry given its strength. A typical 200 feet cord weighs less than a pound. The cord is water resistant and can absorb plenty of shock. The cord can be turned into a Paracord bracelet for ease of carrying around.

Climbing Rope

A climbing rope is effective for its sturdiness and shock absorbing qualities. It is an essential travelling tool used by mountaineers for climbing and designed around the idea of safety.

A mountain rope has a kernmantle (core jacket) design similar to a parachute cord. The inner core provides strength while the jacket prevents wear and tear. A typical climbing rope has a higher elasticity than a P-cord which gives it the shock resistance in case of a fall.

Mountain ropes come in different varieties such as a single, double, half or static ropes that are good for different kinds of climbing needs.

The most important thing to look for in a climbing rope is its safety feature. Climbing ropes are tested by UIAA, the international mountaineering and climbing federation to assess for fall rating, static and dynamic elongation as well impact force.

Guyline Cord

A guyline is thinner than a P-cord (about 2 mm) with no covering sheath to protect it from wear and tear. It is used for putting up tents, tarps and hammocks.

The cord was historically used in ships as rigging for masts and attached to anchors. It is reasonably sturdy and a good means of keeping things secure. However, it is not meant for absorbing shocks and can break under stress so it has limited usage.

Tow Strap

This isn’t exactly a type of rope but a tow strap can come in handy in specific situations. A tow strap can be attached to bumpers or tow hooks and used for towing and recovery of vehicles. A typical strap can pull up to 5000 lbs and is an important tool in an emergency survival kit.

Usually made of nylon, the flat shaped tow straps are not very elastic and impacts on the straps can wear them out after a few uses.

Bungee Cord

A bungee cord can be useful in certain conditions. This cord has a lot of elasticity. Even a short cord can be stretched to bundle together a variety of items such as a sleeping mattress or a bunch of sticks.

In Conclusion

Having the right rope in your backpack is crucial for ensuring that your trip into the wilderness is smooth and without hiccups. We hope that this post helped you understand the pros and cons of the most common types of ropes, and helped you choose the right one. Happy hiking and hunting!