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Snow Sports

Extreme Sports for the Fall and Winter



Are you looking for some good outdoor activities outside of team sports you can do this Fall and Winter? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve selected four of my favorite outdoor activities, plus one I’m jonesing to check out. Take a look below to get inspired to stay outdoors when it gets cold.


(Suggested day trip – Mammoth Caves KY followed by visit to Corsair in Bowling Green)

Exploring caves might not seem like an extreme sport, but if you’re into hiking, scrambling and climbing it can get pretty intense. Plus, the eeriness of caves has always fascinated me. And if you want a low intensity thrill of spelunking, there is just as much variety inside caves as there is if you like hiking.

Another intriguing component to spelunking is taking the time to study up on bats. They are fascinating creatures of the night who possess some incredible physical gifts. We can also be thankful of bats for eating so many pesky insects. If you really want the thrill of being near bats, go caving around dusk and enjoy the spectacular airshow.

Downhill Mountain Biking

(Suggested day trip – Mammoth Lakes)

Are you a gearhead who loves thrill rides and exploring the mountains? Get yourself and your bike to a ski lift before the snow falls. Downhill mountain biking is exhilarating without having to pedal uphill. But that doesn’t mean it’s effortless. The rocky, tree-lined terrain will be challenging, and force you to be hyper-vigilant as you fly past each obstacle.

Plus, this sport will really get you primed for the upcoming boarding season. And just like winters on the mountain, at the bottom of your last run you can treat yourself to your favorite coffee stout at the village pub.



Rock climbing without ropes is a great sport for gym rats wanting more excitement. Bouldering is similar in structure to your indoor workouts – short, high-intensity workouts, each followed by a rest period. On top of that climbing can be a cerebral activity of solving puzzles.  It’s also a great sport for socializing mixed in with a lot of “can you top this?” with your friends.

In the Fall you have to deal with rain unfortunately. But that’s worth it because you get perfect climbing weather on the dry days. Just remember to bring your down jacket so you’re comfortable while you’re resting in the peanut gallery.



Ice Climbing

As a rock climber, I’ve always been fascinated with ice climbing

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