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Campfire Cooking

Campfire Cooking Equipment You Can’t Live Without



Your favorite hobby, camping can’t be made any easier.

Your love for outdoors enables you to enjoy the fresh air amid all the problems you might have to face. What problems you ask? If you are a camping enthusiastic, being out there in the open wouldn’t be daunting for you but stepping away from the facilities of a homely life can dampen even the most cheery mood.

With no stoves out in the woods, you can’t expect to cook your favorite food. Or can you?

With an array of campfire cooking equipment now available everywhere, your camping trip doesn’t have to be a disappointment. Whenever and wherever you feel like camping, all you have to do is pack up your backpack and set out to enjoy the spectacular view of Mother Nature. But what essentials are supposed to go in your backpack?

Just so you don’t find yourself in a tight spot out camping, we’ve come up with a list of essential campfire cooking equipment that’ll provide an exceptional outdoor cooking experience.

Cooking Tripod

Constructed with heavy duty solid steel, a cooking tripod is the first item on your campfire cooking equipment list. A chain in the middle has an ‘S’ hook at the end, where you can hang the cooking pot. It’s great for easy cooking, without you having to worry about burning the food. There are a number of cooking tripods available in the market but you should go for the ones that offer height adjustments. People can make their own tripods out of branches and pieces of wood, but needless to say, a professional one does the job better.

Dutch Oven

If you want to get the ultimate cooking experience, you need to have a Dutch oven. The heavy cast iron pot comes with a lid, which enables it to hold heat efficiently. Although it does weigh a bit more than you’d be willing to take in your backpack, it comes with its fair share of benefits. It will easily attach to the tripod and in no time you’ll be enjoying hot, freshly cooked food. This campfire cooking equipment is perfect if you are taking along a vehicle to the camping spot.

Campfire Grill

You’ve caught your first fish and after proudly showing it around to the group, it’s time to cook it. BBQ is a great option and since it is the most intuitive method of cooking, you’ll be in need of a grill. There are a lot of styles and shapes of this essential campfire cooking equipment. You should go for a model that fits best with your camping trip needs.

If you can’t take too much weight with you, make sure you go for a lighter version that’s easy to carry around. You might also have to consider the size, shape and height of the grate. A grill is a much needed equipment for all the BBQ enthusiasts. So whether its fish, sausages, steak or burgers, having a grill in your pack will add excitement to your much needed getaway.


For all those people who are concerned about the weight of the Dutch oven, we’ve got a lightweight option for you. Taking along a skillet or a pan will solve the weight issue and you’ll still be able to cook the food with ease. The disadvantage to this seemingly best option is that you’ll need a grate to place the skillet on. And since campfires don’t burn evenly like your stove at home, you would need to move the pan constantly. Takes a bit of work but it’ll make sure your first catch doesn’t burn to a crisp.


Handling those hot pans and skillets will require a pair of metal tongs, especially if you use the Dutch oven. They are also a great toll for shuttling charcoals.


When making a list of campfire cooking equipment, people just concentrate on cookware. They forget that cooking tools and accessories are just as important. you might be able to use the plastic knives and fork to cook food but why go to all that trouble? Simply add a spatula to your gear and enjoy the moment.

The next time you plan your trip, make sure you have these campfire cooking equipment in your backpack. You can always take stoves and grills out there but what’s the fun in that? When you’re out admiring Mother Nature, adopt the old ways and enjoy your trip.

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