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Unleash Your Savage Impulse (Rifle, That Is)



Tired of sacrificing accuracy to speed (or vice-versa)?

The awesome thing about a rifle with a straight-pull action is that shot-to-shot recovery is incredibly fast for a bolt gun…but the not-so-awesome thing is that most straight-pull actions sacrifice accuracy. Savage Arms is here to change that with its new IMPULSE straight-pull bolt gun, perfect for the American hunter. These all-new American-made rifles boast a unique straight-pull action that will redefine the way you think about bolt guns.

The IMPULSE’s lightning-fast functionality centers around its lockup, which is called “Hexlock.” Six hardened steel bearings lock the bolt in place inside the receiver’s barrel extension. As pressure increases, Hexlock’s hold tightens, so the bolt can’t move rearward. Once the round has left the barrel, the pressure subsides, and the action can safely open again with the straight pull of the bolt handle.

The smooth bolt throw allows a shooter to cycle rounds intuitively, without the need for the standard four changes-of-direction common to a conventional bolt’s path-of-travel. When every second counts, IMPULSE reduces split times and allows for a shooter to manipulate the bolt without losing their cheek weld. The bolt travels out and back and shooters don’t have to take their eyes off the target. This increase in speed is essential to making effective follow-up shots.

If you’d prefer to see how it works, here’s a cool video explaining:

“IMPULSE will redefine the way you think about straight-pull rifles,” said Al Kasper, President and CEO of Savage Arms. “Speed means nothing if you can’t hit what you’re aiming at. IMPULSE changes that. We’ve brought our tradition of accuracy into the mix to make the fastest, most accurate straight-pull rifles ever built.”

There are three basic IMPULSE models: the IMPULSE Big Game, designed for one-shot drops and fast follow-ups;  the IMPULSE Predator: and the IMPULSE Hog Hunter. Each model is equipped with all of Savage’s proprietary ergonomic features, including the AccuStock, Accufit, and AccuTrigger. MSRP: $1,379-$1449, depending upon model chosen.



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