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Trail Tipi: Backcountry Shelter Under 4 Pounds



Everyone else in America may have “Gained the COVID 19” from staying home and snacking while the gyms are closed, but the brand-new ALPS Mountaineering Trail Tipi is slimmer than ever, weighing in at 3 pounds, 10 ounces. That’s incredible news for those of us who love backcountry hiking, camping, and hunting. As we all know, weight in the backpack is actually a variable…5 pounds at the trailhead translates to 20 pounds after you’ve carried it on your back for 10 miles. So if you’re one of those hardcore backpackers who cuts their toothbrush in half to save weight, the Trail Tipi is for you.

Part of how it saves weight is that it uses your trekking pole as part of its structure. You can purchase a trekking pole from ALPS that was designed specifically for their tents, or you can use your own. As long as your trekking pole is at least 51 inches, you’re golden. If don’t have a trekking pole or simply prefer not bother with one, there’s a top loop that lets you hang the tipi instead. If you choose to hang the tipi, you’ll have a bit more interior room…but you probably won’t need it. The Mountaineering Trail Tipi offers 38 square feet of space on the interior and 12 square feet of space in the vestibule, enough to sleep two people and their gear.

The Tipi design has three closeable vents near the top and a 360-degree vent on the bottom, which can be adjusted to increase or decrease air flow by the two-point tensioning system for each stake. The ventilation is protected by the weatherproof overhang, so you can have airflow in your tent even if it’s pouring rain.

As of this writing, the ALPS Mountaineering Trail Tipi is available for $129.99, which is an unbelievable price for this type of quality and utility. Click here to get yours!

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