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31st Annual George Montgomery/NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest Winners Announced

FAIRFAX, Va. – The National Rifle Association is pleased to announce the winners of its 31st annual George Montgomery/NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest.

Held in November at NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, Va., the 2018 contest featured 350 entries submitted by young artists from all over the country. Begun in 1987, the Youth Wildlife Art Contest challenges students to create exceptional works of art depicting North American wildlife and offers $7,000 in cash prizes.

The contest is open to any student in grades 1 through 12, including home-schooled children. NRA membership is not required to participate. Entries can depict any North American game bird or animal that may be legally hunted or trapped. Endangered species and non-game animals, such as eagles and snakes, are not eligible subjects.

The contest is divided into four categories based on grade level: Category I (1st – 3rd), Category II (4th – 6th), Category III (7th – 9th), Category IV (10th – 12th). Judges select first, second and third place entries in each category, which receive prizes of $750, $500 and $250 respectively. A Best In Show award, selected from among all entries across all categories, receives a $1,000 prize.

“The George Montgomery/NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest offers young artists interested in hunting and wildlife an outlet to use their creative talent, practice artistic techniques and refine wildlife identification skills,” said NRA Recreational Programs & Ranges Managing Director Elizabeth Bush. “It makes us proud that the contest’s message has resonated with young artists, who carefully study an animal and hone their techniques to not just accurately depict a species, but to give their entry life. And their efforts also help reinforce the positive effects of hunting and wildlife conservation with the public at large.”

A complete list of winners and those who earned honorable mention status follows. To view the winning artwork online, go to

Emma Vande Vort (Grade 10) Lynden WA

CATEGORY I (Grades 1-3)
First Place: Jayden Cheuk, Chandler, AZ
Second Place: Chandana Muhlian, Parsippany, NJ (Shown Below)
Third Place: Sophia Zhao, Chandler, AZ

CATEGORY II (Grades 4-6)
First Place: Cynthia Liu, Chandler, AZ (Shown Below)
Second Place: Morgan Feng, Sugar Land, TX
Third Place: Ada Lau, Houston, TX

CATEGORY III (Grades 7-9)
First Place: Anna Yao, Chandler, AZ (Shown Below)
Second Place: Leyi Gao, Sugarland, TX
Third Place: Minjeong Kim, Coppell, TX

CATEGORY IV (Grades 10-12)
First Place: Christina Zhang, Richmond, TX (Shown Below)
Second Place: Anna Yu, Gilbert, AZ
Third Place: Ethan Pro, Canyon Country, CA

HONORABLE MENTIONS (in alphabetical order)
Yunbeen Bae (Grade 11) Frisco, TX
Yiteng Cai (Grade 6) Toronto, Ontario
Haejin Chong (Grade 10) Carrollton, TX
Fiona Gao (Grade 7) Chandler, AZ
Fay Fay He (Grade 3) Chandler, AZ
Devyn Jin (Grade 2) San Jose, CA
Christina Lee (Grade 6) Dallas, TX
Elaine Lin (Grade 2) Chandler, AZ
Sophia Lin (Grade 6) Scottsdale, AZ
Jayda Ma (Grade 7) Sugarland, TX
Victoria Ursol (Grade 6) Fair Oaks, CA
Cathering Wang (Grade 9) Fremont, CA
Amanda Wong (Grade 10) Chandler, AZ (Shown Below)
Jessica Xu (Grade 7) Coppell, TX
Lucas Yan (Grade 2) Chandler, AZ
Meiuen Yang (Grade 11) Phoenix, AZ

For more information about the George Montgomery/NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest, visit

About the National Rifle Association

Established in 1871, the National Rifle Association is America’s oldest civil rights and sportsmen’s group. 5.5 million members strong, NRA continues its mission to uphold Second Amendment rights and is the leader in firearm education and training for law-abiding gun owners, law enforcement and the military. Visit

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Get cash rebates of $125 on any Steyr Pro THB, Pro THB 6.5 Creedmoor or Scout Rifle purchased from any Authorized Steyr Dealer.

With summer now coming to a close, Steyr Arms announces that its 2018 Summer Sale Consumer Cash Rebate Program is extended through September 30! This rebate program will offer customers cash rebates of $125 on any Steyr Pro THB, Pro THB 6.5 Creedmoor or Scout Rifle purchased from any Authorized Steyr Dealer between July 9th  and September 30, 2018. This is the best deal of the summer!

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Promotion #84315
Steyr Arms $125 MIR
P.O. Box 22092
Tempe, AZ 85285-2092.

Mail-in forms must be postmarked by Oct. 31, 2018. To check the status of your rebate, visit or call 800-953-3098. A rebate check will be mailed within six to eight weeks of submission.

This cash rebate is only applicable to retail transactions on new rifles, and unfortunately, it cannot be combined with Steyr Arms’ Law Enforcement and Military Sales Program or any other special offer. This rebate is void where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law.

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5 Awesome Deer Rifles Under $500

If you are planning to hunt whitetails on your next trip, then we believe that it is high time that you view our amazing list that shows 5 awesome deer rifles under $500.

We all want to become an amazing hunter and enjoy bagging a trophy, but your budget often lets us down. With the information that you get about the best budget guns today, you can make the right choice and prepare your gear on a reduced budget as well.

Remington Model 783

This is a gun that you will see over and over in various categories. It is simply a wonderful choice and an amazing option on so many levels. It is a great gun for beginners. But is also tops our list of 5 awesome deer rifles under $500. Although it is closer to our mark of 500 dollars, this is an amazing deer rifle that you can use in any possible situation.

Whether you want to shoot deer from a fixed position, or prowl through the bushes to find them, the Remington Model 783 is an ideal choice to bag a kill. This gun has an excellent trigger and it is easy to aim. It has all the features that you need, when planning to bag a deer under a strict budget. It certainly is a winner in multiple categories.

Ruger American Compact

The Ruger American Compact is a great choice and is a consistent performer in our 5 awesome deer rifles $500 list. You can easily get this gun in a reliable chamber within a budget of four hundred dollars. It has a dual cocking mechanism, which allows you to cycle the weapon, while ensuring that it remains in the shoulder position so that you can aim your next shot.

You should get it in a caliber which makes you comfortable. It is available in all the classic chambers. You can get either the 7mm-08, the .30-06 or the .308 caliber according to your preference. Just practice with this excellent gun at a shooting range and you will find that it is easy to use and will often allow you to hunt a deer with your first shot.

Mossberg’s ATR Super Bantam

The Mossberg ATR Super Bantam is a great bolt action rifle, which is available in the .243 caliber. It is on our list of 5 awesome deer rifles under $500. It can be easily carried and is a lightweight product because of having a synthetic stock. The sling allows hunters to carry it in the heat of a hunt. You can easily maneuver with this weapon in the woods and use it in the thick undergrowth.

The ATR Super Bantam has a short barrel, which makes it easier to use in confined spaces. However, this does not mean that it loses its accuracy at long range. It is also a great weapon for female hunters who want to use lighter deer rifles for easier hunting experience. It remains an excellent entry on our list.

Marlin X7

Marlin is an iconic brand and you will certainly find that your grandpa owned one. The new, Marlin X7 is a traditional deer hunting rifle and uses the push fee action. It employs locking lungs on the both to operate it. This excellent hunting rifle has a blind magazine, which means that it is permanently fixed. It uses synthetic stocks and is easier to use in a variety of situations. The excellent deer rifle also has an adjustable trigger can work at the lowest value of two and a half pounds.

Savage Axis

This is another gun that you will find in most of our lists. It is certainly a proud member of our 5 awesome deer rifles under $500 list. This gun is excellent and can compete with any expensive rifle, in terms of the functionality that it provides. It is affordable and you can get it sometimes at the least rate out of all these rifles.

The Savage Axis is available in various chambers, with the .30-06 being an excellent option for hunting deer. The detachable box is easy to use, while there is also a tang safety present. This gun is great, because you can also get it in left-hand configuration. The Axis is a hunting rifle that you buy, when you do not want any aesthetic beauty, but simply the ideal functionality.

These are the finest deer rifles that are out there on a budget. Get any one of our 5 awesome deer rifles under $500 and start hunting a few whitetails in your next hunting trip.

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The Top 5 Hunting Guns that You Need to Know About

We want to ensure that you get the best gear for your hunting trips.

Your primary gear is your main hunting gun. Although it can be difficult to agree on the top 5 hunting guns, here we bring you the best locally manufactured guns that will ensure that you never miss your mark as a hunter because of a sub-par weapon of choice.

Savage Model 99

We start our list with a very traditional gun that has been around for over a century. It is the Savage Model 99, which is regarded by many as one of the finest hunting guns produced in the United States. Although initially available in limited chambers, the gun could still take on any game animal in the country. Historically, the Model 99 has performed excellently with the .308 Win.

It is a lever function gun. It allows you to easily shoot to over 300 years. It is one of the best in its range, and allows you to accurately take out any animal that you want. The Savage Model 99 is certainly a class and among our top 5 hunting guns.

Winchester Model 70

If you love traditional rifles, then the Winchester Model 70 is an ultimate hit. It is a rifle which came out in 1936, but it is still offering amazing service to hunters all across the country. This is one of the top 5 hunting guns, because it allowed Winchester to offer the best American experience. It is a gun that you can use through your entire hunting career, and will never get disappointed by its performance.

The Winchester Model 70 can certainly get the job done in any environment. It is great for shooting deer and you easily get supplies for it anywhere in the country. It is a great option for hunters who want to go out after the big game animals.

Marlin 1895 GSBL

We include the Marlin 1895 GSBL in our top 5 hunting guns that you should know about, because of its comfortable use in the brush. With the use of the .45-70 Govt caliber, it certainly has the power to take down any game animal. This great hunting gun has a short 18.5” barrel and it can be easily moved around in a confined environment. The gun may be on the heavier side at around eight pounds, but it is easier to use, when compared to other options of the same weight.

This is a lever action rifle which is extremely safe. It will help you in your hunting career, especially when you want a gun that allows you to get close to the game animals and then take the shot. The cartridge that we have here is also perfect for use. It uses adjustable signs and is perfect for taking accurate shots without the need of a scope.


We have to include a powerful semi-automatic model in our top 5 hunting guns. If you want a more modern option, then try this modern hunting rifle that combines hunting with the use of tactics. This gun is ideal for all types of hunting strategies. Whether you want to shoot at a close range or engage from a distance, it allows you the power and the accuracy to take down any animal. The muzzle of this rifle is threaded, so that you can easily use a suppressor. This is a great option, when you are shooting from a distance and do not want to cause a disturbance in an area, which is full of game animals.

This gun has an excellent grip, and has a carbon fiber handguard. It has a Teflon coated SS barrel which is extremely durable, and allows the use of this weapon in any weather. The gun can be used from a tree stand, while still capable in other shooting situations. This gun is certainly a pleasure to use and has excellent overall ergonomics.

Remington Model 700

We finish our top 5 hunting guns list with another American classic, which is the Remington Model 700. This is a hunting rifle, which can be termed as one of the most successful American rifles of all time. It is chambered in various calibers and uses the famous push feed bolt-action design. It is an ideal product for a hunter who wants to stalk their prey from a range and then shoot with complete accuracy. In fact, this gun served as the basis for several success models.

There are many guns that you could have included in this list. But we have made sure that you know about the best hunting guns that have affected the hunting community in the United States.

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10 Best Hunting Rifles for Deer

Check Our 10 Best Hunting Rifles for Deer Recommendations for Your Hunting Needs.

If you are interested in hunting, you may know the joy of hunting deer. However, you cannot be ready until you know about the 10 best hunting rifles for deer. Here, we have already performed the required research for you and have come up with this fantastic collection to enjoy the best hunting trip where you can land a deer, because you picked the right weapon to support your cause.

Beanfield Sniper Remington Sendero SF II

If you want the best from the 10 best hunting rifles for deer, then you need to get the Sendero. Made by Remington, the famous weapon manufacturer, this is a rifle that is ideal for killing big game animals, such as dear. This amazing weapon can weigh over 10 pounds and may not be ideal if you must move around. However, if you are willing to mind its weight, you can get in several excellent calibers. The HS Precision stock on this rifle certainly helps with accuracy.

Alpine Shooter Sako Finnlight

This is an excellent shooter, which has some solid features that you will not find in common hunting rifles. It has a thin barrel and other low-weight features, but does not compromise on the accuracy. This 6-pound weapon is carry and is available in a wide range of calibers, such as the 7mm Rem. The best performance we believe is given by the .308 caliber, which offers the perfect killing power and controllable recoil.

Small-Plot Smasher Ambush 300 Blackout

Sometimes, you need strong stopping power, because you just not have enough room to chase a deer on private grounds. It is an automatic rifle that works when you have to target quickly. It is easy to attach a suppressor with this rifle. The ability to quickly take down deer, makes it one the 10 best hunting rifles for deer.

Specialist Savage M220

This is an excellent slug gun that you can use in a variety of situations, such as for killing hogs and pigs. This an accurate gun and is chambered for the 20-gauge round. This allows for a softer shooting experience, while the deer you target would still end up dead in the same manner. This is a gun that comes with a box magazine for reliable use.

Thompson/Center Pro Hunter FX

Although a muzzleloader, the Pro Hunter FX remains one the 10 best hunting rifles for deer. This gun is easy to use and you can easily take care of it as well. The gun has excellent open sights and comes with a powerful system that controls the recoil. This gun has a 26-inch barrel and a breech plug which is easy to manage.

Remington 700 Long Range

This is one of the finest guns for shooting whitetails. This gun is excellent when employed with the famous .30-06 Springfield round. This gun has a 26” barrel. It is a versatile gun that you can use in a variety of hunting environments. The Remington 700 Long Range can certainly take out a deer with a single clean shot.

Marlin 1895 GSBL

The Marlin 1895 GSBL is one the 10 best hunting rifles for deer because it is perfect for use in heavy brush. It can drop the deer dead right where they stand and this truly makes it an ideal lever-action rifle. This gun is truly deadly when used within 100 yards, which is often the case when hunting in dense bush. It has an 18.5-inch barrel which is shorter and easy to maneuver.

Mossberg Patriot

The Patriot is a great rifle from Mossberg, which is already famous for making great shotguns. This rifle is available at an affordable price, and contains some excellent features, like the adjustable trigger, a recessed crown and a drop-box magazine. It is available in the .308 Winchester chamber, which is great for shooting all kinds of deer at an extended range.

Weatherby Vanguard 2

The Weatherby Vanguard 2 is extremely expensive but still is among the 10 best hunting rifles for deer that we suggest. This fine gun is extremely accurate and uses the two-stage trigger system. It has a forged barrel and a lightweight stock. When used with the Winchester Magnum round, it can take on much tougher assignments than a deer.

Ruger American Rifle

It would have been wrong not to include a budget rifle as one of the 10 best hunting rifles for deer. It is extremely accurate and reliable. The Ruger American Rifle delivers amazing performance and it can truly perform at the highest standard just like the other rifles of this group.

So, which rifle do you like the best? We believe any one of these rifles will help you bag some whitetails!