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Bring These Camping Appliances With You Every Trip



Going into a camping store, you are bound to get bamboozled by the wide range of cool supplies and equipment available.

It is easy to get carried away and end up purchasing a lot of things that you would never need during a trip. They will simply become a burden to carry around, not to mention, it would have cost you a huge chunk of money. When buying and packing camping gear, it is essential to take the items that will be essential for your trip. Here is a list of essential camping appliances that you must carry with you on every trip:

Waterproof Tent

With unpredictable weather conditions, it is essential to pack up a good quality, water proof tent. You wouldn’t want to sleep wet would you? Also, make sure you have the right size and quantity of tents for your trip. If a tent can fit five people, ensure that it’s limited to four people so that there is more space for everyone.

Camp Lighting

You can’t only rely on camp fires as your only source of light in the dark. There are numerous types of camp lighting available. If you are a first time camper, make sure you have more lights because it may come as a shock to you just how dark it can get in the wilderness. Think carefully about your needs and requirements and make sure you pack a few lights for inside the tent and also for outside the tent.


You would need a shovel to clear a campsite, bang pegs for tents, fix embers or fire logs, and dig holes. You might even need to dig up your own toilet facility, so a shovel would be crucial for that too. Make sure you get a high quality shovel which has a sturdy handle.

Sleeping Bag

This is a must have for all camping trips. You would need good sleep so that you are energized and ready to a full day ahead in the wilderness. It can get super frustrating to sleep with not enough warmth. A sleeping bag is comfortable and cozy for sleeping in any kind of weather.

First Aid Kit

Before you even think about packing any appliance or supplies, you must pack a first aid kit. This is essential for your safety as well as for the safety of others. You must make sure that each person going with you has a separate first aid kit with them at all times in case of emergency. It is also important to learn a little about administrating first aid so that you are better prepared for emergencies.

Camping Stove

You would of course need a stove to cook or heat up your food. There are plenty of options for camping stoves available in any camping store, including compact ones that are easier to carry around and even ones that can charge your cell phones! You can select the ones which fits your requirements and budget. Just ensure you get a reliable appliance.


You simply can’t go into the wilderness without a knife. Knives are one of the most useful tools during the entire trip. They are used to hunt for food, prepare food, cut ropes, and much more. A good quality knife can help you throughout your trip.


This is another essential appliance to have in your pack with you at all times. You can’t exactly wander around carrying your camping lights, especially if you are simply walking around a few meters away from campsite. It is handy and easy to carry and also best in case of emergencies.

Water Purifier

Water is a necessity throughout your trip. A water purifier ensures that you have safe and uncontaminated water. Make sure you also take along a good quality water container to store the water.

Portable Cooler/Fridge

You will need to keep your food cold to save it from getting bad. A portable fridge or cooler can come in handy for this purpose and it will also keep your drinks cool. Make sure that you freeze ice in large plastic containers like juice and milk cartons to put in the cooler.

Cellphone and Power Bank

Cell phones on wilderness adventures are not for entertainment purpose but mostly for emergency situations. You need to conserve the power of your cell phones so that you are able to communicate with your group or emergency services when needed. Bringing along a power bank will ensure a longer battery life.

No matter how many days you plan to stay in the wilderness, it is essential to you are better prepared for all kinds of situations. The right camping appliances will make your trip more fun and exciting, all the while ensuring your safety.

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