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5 Archery Tips for Instant Results



Every archer wishes to be perfect in the art, right?

Well, the truth is that perfection and archery don’t go quite well. However, that doesn’t at all mean that you, as an archer, cannot improve your game. Regardless of whether you’re a pro or a beginner, these basic considerations are bound to uplift your game:

Get the Stance Right

If you’re trying to get your archery game picture-perfect, you’ll obviously need a great stance, right? If there’s a shooting line, you’ll need to place one foot on either side of it such that if you’re shooting a left hand bow, your right foot will be on the front side of the shooting line. The space between your feet should be equal, approximately, to your shoulder width. Next, you’ll need to rotate your feet such that they’re parallel to the shooting line. It’s imperative for you, while taking your stance, to ensure that you’re able to rotate your chin over your shoulders of the arm that holds the bow. This is necessary for getting the aiming part of the things right. Push your shoulders, ribs and chest downwards towards your stomach. This will grant your stance some much needed solidity.

Improve Your Anchor

One of the best tips that one can give for the purpose of instant results in archery is that of improvement in anchor. Why? Well, it’s because anchoring benefits the sighting system which, in turn, does wonders for the causes of accuracy and aiming. A great way to develop a solid anchor point is to focus on two points instead of one. What does that mean? Well, it means that your anchor point should not just involve a single immovable point—teeth, jawbones or teeth—but, instead, make use of a multiple of these points. Making use of a two-point anchor will ensure that your shooting hand is placed in “just” the right position, every time you shoot.

Bring That Bubble into Consideration

Smart archers have got the habit of glancing at their bubble levels while taking challenging shots. Such shots include shots taken in uneven terrain or those taken beyond the range of 40 yards. The longer the shot, the more complex are the involved deviations. What this means is that archers need to always be in a habit of taking that extra second for the purpose of checking the bubble. However, there might be such instances when the need for the shot to be taken might be so sudden that it leaves no time for a bubble check. Well, in order to deal with such scenarios, it’s important for archers to incorporate the routine of bubble checking into their practice regimes. With continuous practice, the habit of bubble checking will, almost, become a second nature!

Get the “Cradle” Right

Are you of the mistaken idea that you’re supposed to “grip” the bow? Well, you’ve got it all wrong. Confused? When it comes to archery, it’s not advisable at all for you to grip the bow; rather you’re supposed to cradle it! What does that mean? Well, it means that you’re supposed to hold out your fingers vertically, create a U with your thumb, and then slide the bow, gently, into the U. Next, come to a full draw and turn your fingers outwards, in an attempt to push your hand into the riser. Why is this called “cradling the bow”? You’ll have to experience it to know it, actually. However, to give you an idea of things, this technique keeps you muscles relaxed and, at the same time, grants a solid shooting base with a better picture of sight.

Remember to Follow Through

Why is it important to “follow through”, you ask? Why can’t we just allow the stance to break, after the shot’s been taken, so that we might be able to enjoy the arrow sailing through? Well, the thing is that your timing of breaking your stance can cause your arrows to miss their marks. What this means is that it’s imperative, especially for beginner archers, to keep static in their stances until the arrow has hit the bulls eye. This will not only ensure that your accuracy doesn’t suffer because you broke the stance too early but it’ll also give you a cue on the adjustments that you might need to make!

Knowledge isn’t everything, especially when it comes to archery. It is one thing to know the tricks of the trait and it’s another to implement them. And what do you need to do to become a natural at all of these important considerations? Practice!

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