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The 10 Essentials for Outdoor Adventure Safety



Going on an outdoor adventure is a lot of fun because you get to experience adventure and gain experience, but an outdoor adventure is not complete without a few essentials.

Therefore, before planning anything, make sure you have the 10 essentials for outdoor adventure safety!

GPS, Compass, Navigation

The outdoors has no set trail or navigation system that is why there is a chance of getting lost very easily, especially when the weather and visibility is limited. To be on the safe side, make sure you have the right device that can help you get to and from your destination without any problems. Keeping a GPS or compass is necessary when you venture out. Be sure you know how to work both these tools and always keep extra batteries in case the charging runs out.

Complete Sun Protection

Getting sun burnt on any part of the skin can partially immobilize the individual. Even though it may not seem crucial, keeping a small bag with sun protection is very important. Keep in mind that you are outdoors to enjoy it, not so you can feel victimized. This is one of the 10 essentials for outdoor adventure safety so making sure you pack protective hats, lip balms, sunscreen, and sunglasses is necessary!


Before you set out, make sure you are aware of the weather conditions you will be facing so you must take clothes according to that. Always take more clothes than you think you may need. Depending on the location and weather, pack accordingly. Outdoor clothing must always be lightweight with minimal design. Do not pack cotton as it has tendencies of getting heavy when wet and takes ages to dry.


This is one of the 10 essentials for outdoor adventure safety because every individual must know where they are and where they came from. Being able to identify and find the route is crucial. Your GPS, flashlight, and candles will be your best companion, so make sure these essentials are with you at all times. Keep a sheet that has all the directions written so you don’t get lost.

First Aid

First aid should be taken everywhere you go. Assembling a kit will definitely save money and it will give you the freedom of adding things that you want. Make sure you are adding medication (pain relief or prescribed), ointment, band-aids (all sizes), sports tape, gauze pads, safety pins, latex gloves, burn cream, Vaseline, sanitizer, allergy tablets and sports under wrap tape as it will protect the skin from adhesive tape.

Fire Making Tools

When stranded, the best thing to do to keep yourself warm and calm for a good period is fire. The tools that make a fire include waterproof matches, slow burning candles, and a fire starting kit that has a natural pit. This is one of the 10 essentials for outdoor adventure safety that will allow you to feel protected at all times.

Repairing Kits and Tools

When you have these things, you will have ways of getting out of a tough situation easily. Make sure you have a Swiss army knife and tape. The best tape to pack is duct tape or gorilla style tape as they allow support and hold everything tightly. Packing sports tape is necessary as it can be put on skin. Keeping needles and thread is also a good idea.


There is no explanation needed for this. Packing food is a must as it will give you energy and nourishment. Try to take food that you would eat on a daily basis and the smart thing to do when going on an adventure is to take extra food!


Whether you are in the middle of wilderness or at home, having 2 liters of water every day is crucial. Depending on where you are, you will need to take water accordingly. You must have 1 liter with you at all times so you can stay hydrated while having fun.

Emergency Shelter

Taking an extra blanket, sleeping bag or a portable tent is very important because you need a place where you can stay dry and warm. If in case, you cannot return to your permanent shelter in time, having a temporary one would allow you to get sleep before you set out in the morning.

Now that you are aware of the 10 essentials for outdoor adventure safety, make sure you go fully equipped. With these essentials, there is no reason to be lost in the wilderness.

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