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Bow Hunting

Professional Insight and Tips for Bow Hunting



Bow hunting is an amazing experience and it is quite exciting to spend days in wilderness honing your bow hunting skills.

But then if you don’t have the professional insight and right expertise, the experience can also be downright tough!

Bow hunting is all about focus and using the right bow hunting tips to avail the opportunities. As soon as you anchor, aim and shoot the arrow, at the ‘game’ in front of you, many things will cross your mind. That particular split of second culminates almost a month’s planning and preparation. Therefore, as the arrow gets released from the bowstring, the complete effort and time that it takes to reach the point pay off.

So, for your assistance, here are some bow hunting tips for you that will make your hunting experience a successful one.

Be Familiar with Your Hunting Spot

It is imperative to stay aware of the layout of the land you choose to hunt and to look for various trails which deer travel so that you can set your bow in the right direction. For this, you may use the trail cameras not only before but also during the season to make sure deer are still present in the area. That is because deer keep on changing their traveling practices throughout the season.

Deer Scents

From the onset of finding rubs and scrapes in the woods, you must bring deer scents during whitetail archery hunt. Just like you use mock scrapes, a scent drags successfully freshen up actual scrapes close to your stand. For this, you may choose to go with naturally occurring deer scents or maybe a rut. But don’t run a mile long scent and keep it only a few hundred yards considering your hunting spot, so that the deer don’t lose the interest on its way or get distracted with something else.

Spray Away

This one is the most important bow hunting tip from professionals and according to which, the human odor is perfect to completely ruin your hunt. To avoid this, you don’t need to be a scent freak but make sure your feet smell good. If not, you may lose a good bow hunting opportunity and it may take a while for you to realize the fact.

Pay Attention

When you are at bow hunting, pay full attention and don’t get distracted. There is no specific direction for deer and they may arrive from any direction, especially considering the rut. So, stay focused and keep monitoring the area/woods to avoid missing the chance. However, considering our everyday addiction to cell phone, try to avoid the habit in the field and pay as much attention as you can as you go in the outdoors.

Call a Deer

You must have heard about the bow hunting tip of attracting deer by using a sound. Deer calling or antler rattling is not a new hunting tactic but for some new hunters, this may sound interesting or relatively new. The grunt call is a universal sound which triggers the curiosity of the deer. While deer may use it for communication or when they opt for breeding, grunting by far is one of the most effective tactics to call deer into the radius of your shooting archery.

Play It Smart

Regardless of any season, you must not press too hard in terms of deer. If you get too close or invade their territory or bedding area, this can make your hunting experience a total disaster. It will not only spook off the deer but will also mess up your opportunity. After all, deer are smart and as soon as they realize of being hunted, your only chance of availing this opportunity reduces to very slim to zero instantly.

Hunter’s Attitude

You might not consider it as a bow hunting tip but your attitude during bow hunting can make or break your overall hunting experience. If you really want to enjoy and glean the satisfaction from this outdoor sport then the attitude you carry into the woods matters a lot.

Patience and perseverance are one of the top characteristics of a bow hunter. These virtues are always admired in a hunter. A professional bow hunter is more focused in terms of having a memorable experience by blending in with nature and not with the thoughts of what he wants to hang on the wall.

All the above-shared bow hunting tips have been tried and tested by professionals. While hunters usually learn these hunting tips hard way, you may make the most of provided information and make your hunting experience a lot more adventurous and successful in all seasons.

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