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Learn to Flyboard in Five Easy Steps!



The Flyboarding craze has been spreading rapidly since the past few years.

It is certainly an exhilarating experience which is a must try, especially if you are a water sports fanatic. You wouldn’t get enough of Flyboarding once you get a hang of it. In a single session, you could learn to soar up in the air with ease and might even dare to dive in and out of the water like a dolphin. However, it is best to leave the advance techniques for later and focus on dominating the basics first. With proper research and following the guidelines of your instructor, you can easily nail your first Flyboarding experience.

Learning to Flyboard in Five Easy Steps

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Learning how to Flyboard is more intuitive and easy than you think and it comes with a learning curve. If you apply all the instructions your instructors has given you, within the first few minutes you would be able to fly up in the air. You would be able to get a hang of basic movements within the next 20 minutes. Rest assured, a certified instructor controls the PWC at all times and can control your propulsion enabling you to build your confidence and skill set. If you are already used to maintaining your balance on a moving surface like snowboarders, skiers, surfers, and skateboards than Flyboarding won’t be difficult for you at all.

However, these are the five easy steps to learn Flyboarding:

Step One

First done your wet suit, life jacket and water sports helmet and ensure that everything is properly secured. Go into the water and slip in to Flyboarding boats.

Step Two

After you have suited up, you have to lie in the water on your stomach away from the PWC. This is when the operator would start the waverrunner by giving it a small dose of gas.

Step Three

Once the thrusts from the PWC begins, your will start feeling the Flyboard tugging your feet. It will start pushing you through the water. You must take a few seconds to get used to the feeling and get the feel of propelling through the water.

Step Four

Now that you get more comfortable with the feeling, the instructor operating the PWC will give it more gas. When you are ready, start placing your feet underneath and you will feel yourself rising up but remember not to bend your knees.

When you are up in the air, avoid the temptation of looking down towards the water. If you look down, your center of gravity would move forward and the chances of losing the balance would increase.

The PWC operator is in control of your flight’s height through the amount of thrust being applied but you are in control of your flight’s attitude through your feet. You can hover by keeping your feet leveled, go forward by moving your toes down and go backwards by moving your toes up. You can also make your Flyboard turn through adjusting your feet level form side to side. If you want to go left, lift up your right knee and if you want to go right, lift up your left knee.

Step Five

Just try to maintain your balance, relax and enjoy soaring in the air. Look around you at the beautiful view but first make sure you completely have control over your balance. Remember, you are definitely going to fall especially on your first few tries. Make sure there is a distance between you and the PWC when you fall. In case you fall near the PWC, instantly point your feet, Flyboard attached, towards it. This way, you would avoid hitting the PWC because of the thrust still coming out from the Flyboard.

You must keep in mind that your Flyboard simply drags along the PWC and the operator doesn’t have much control over the direction once the Flyboard is attached. Always stay alert when up in the air and also when you fall in the water.

Learning to Flyboard might seem a bit complicated but it is not that difficult. Some people have the natural ability to get a hang of it and are in control right from the start, even doing a few stunts! But don’t worry if you are not one of them, it is perfectly fine if you fall a lot. You will eventually get a hang of it. Focus on finding your balance first and you will soon be Flyboarding like a pro. There is one thing you absolutely have to look out for, which everyone agrees on as well – you will definitely love it and get addicted to flyboarding!

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