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Flyboarding Tips for Beginners



Want to fly through and dive back in water like a dolphin or fly like Iron man? Go flyboarding and your wishes will be answered.

This is a new water sport which was introduced in 2012 and has taken water sports fanatics and adventurers by storm! A flyboard is a board mounted to the feet of the user. A 60 foot long hose connects it to a waverunner, which enables them to fly up in the air and dive back. It sounds and looks fun but it can only be a fun experience if you learn the basics first and ensure that you follow instructions, especially if it is your first time.

Here are some reliable tips for beginners that can allow you to fully experience the thrill of flyboarding:

Safety First

Safety should always be your top priority. Before you head out in the water, it is essential that you wear all the necessary safety gears. Make sure your boots, body suit, and helmet is tightly strapped and secure so that you are completely safe as you enjoy this exciting water sport. Even though, flyboarding seems like the safest water sports to learn, it is important to wear safety gear no matter how many times you have tried it out.

Listen to the Expert

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Always listen attentively to your instructor and make sure you follow all the guidelines. Even if you love risky adventures, flyboarding in a bad weather is not safe and definitely not worth the risk. Follow what your instructor tells you and avoid trying out advance moves, especially if it is your first try.

Safe Distance

It is essential that there is a safe distance between you and the waverunner to avoid any potential injuries. There is a low possibility that you would crash in the waverunner but even so, it is always best to be cautious and ensure you are a safe distance away.

Balance is the Key

In flyboarding, balance is the most essential element. Your instructor will tell you the right posture you have to maintain in order to maintain your balance, listen closely. Ask questions if you are unsure or have any doubts. Bend your knees slightly forward as this will assist you in keeping your balance and simultaneously help you in preparing when to turn. Ensure you are in an upright position when you come out of water.

Relax Your Body

Keep your body and mind relaxed. It will help you in properly understanding all the instructions and will help you in focusing on your balance while you are flyboarding.

Don’t Give Up

This water sports may look easy but is not that easy when you are actually flyboarding. Keep your determination and patience and you will definitely learn the right technique. Ensure that you master the basics first and then move on to the next level. Avoid trying tricks you have seen others doing or on videos, focus on the instructions and follow through to enjoy the thrill.

More Useful Tips

Here are some more useful tips you should keep in mind while flyboarding:

  • Never deviate from the instructions and guidelines your instructor tells you during training.
  • It may sound fun to flyboard while you have had a drink or two of beer but it could be dangerous. Avoid drinking before you go flyboarding. One you have had the thrilling experience, feel free to kick back with a beer then.
  • Flyboarding is a total no-no if you are pregnant. Keep your unborn baby safe and avoid flyboarding till you have delivered your baby. This sport is indeed exciting but definitely not worth risking yours and your baby’s life.
  • In case of high winds or tides, avoid going for flyboarding. Weather like this can make any water sports dangerous.
  • Be patient while you learn. It is possible that it would take some time to get a hang of flyboarding. Stick to the basics till you master them and then move on to learn advance moves.

Flyboarding is definitely a must-try water sport, whether you are an avid water sports enthusiast or a weekend warrior or even if you become an adventurer once a year. The excitement and thrill of trying new things out, getting out of your comfort zone can be truly rewarding. What more fun than trying our flyboarding if you are in search of a unique and fun adventure! However ensure that you take precaution and carefully follow all the instructions to avoid any unwanted incident and injuries.

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