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Want to Go Totally Off-Grid? Introducing Current Homesteading!



Have the events of 2020 made you start dreaming of going off-grid?

If you’ve ever daydreamed about buying a few acres of American soil and setting yourself up in a self-sustaining homestead, no doubt the year 2020–complete with the COVID-19 pandemic, food shortages, and riots before the quarantines were completely lifted countrywide–has caused the intensity and specificity of those daydreams to increase. After all, over the last few months the only people who haven’t had reason to envy the preppers were the preppers themselves. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our latest website, Current Homesteading, although your landlord probably won’t be anywhere near as happy. From gardening to guinea hens and fencing to fish, we will cover it all.

Your author and guide to the uniquely American tradition of off-grid homesteading is Lars Drecker, a homesteader himself. Based in an undisclosed location, Lars splits his time between tending his little slice of self-sustaining heaven, and bothering his neighbors to do his work for him. This is mainly the fault of a debilitating predilection for fishing, hunting, camping and all other things outdoors. When not engaged in any of the above activities, you can normally find him broken down on the side of the road, in some piece of junk he just “fixed-up.”

Here you’ll find articles about how to prepare your soil for growing crops…and why it’s far more important than you can imagine. Perhaps you’d like to have a little flock of chickens for their eggs and meat…but how will you keep them safe from predators? Would you like to know how to clear brush without backbreaking labor…and gather yourself a source of fresh, healthful milk at the same time?

Whether you’re planning on going completely off-grid, or just thinking about turning your acreage into a hobby farm, Current Homesteading is updated weekly with the real-world advice you need, delivered by experts in living life in tune with the land. Of course, just like its sister sites Guns & Gadgets Daily, Freedom’s Lodge, and (of course) us here at Popular Outdoorsman, the Current Homesteading newsletter comes out weekly and is 100% free of charge, and you can opt out at any time. Click here to check out the site, and you’ll find the newsletter sign-up at the top right (on desktop) or at the bottom of the page (on mobile).


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