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Turn Your Truck Shotgun Into Your Home Shotgun: Federal Force X2



Federal’s working double-time to get ammo onto the shelves (and we do mean double).

As anyone could have predicted, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in ammunition shortages as gun owners topped off their stores…but as we’re learning from Federal Ammunition, not only are they still producing ammo, they’re innovating and manufacturing new designs even as I write. As an outdoor writer, I’ve had the opportunity to tour a few ammunition plants. Although everyone has their own proprietary process, there are a couple of consistent points about how ammo is made. First, most of the procedure is automated; and second, although there are a surprising number of people involved in the quality control stage, they’re usually physically placed some distance apart. I imagine most ammunition manufacturers had little (if any) trouble adhering to social-distancing guidelines.

Speaking of social distancing, we outdoorsmen know that the best and easiest way to do social distancing is to be out in Nature. But at the end of the day, most of us are eventually going home to our four walls and family. For those of us who either can’t afford (or can’t be bothered, honestly) multiple firearms for various different uses, one way to integrate our defensive needs afield with our defensive needs at home is with a shotgun. If your truck shotgun happens to be a 12-gauge capable of taking 2 3/4-inch shells, then Federal Ammunition has a new buckshot load called Federal Force X2 that’s going to make your perfect truck gun into your perfect self-defense gun.

In a nutshell, these loads contain nine pellets, all of which split when the shot load disperses. This doubles the number of pellets downrange to 18, which results in 18 separate wound channels. That kind of terminal performance is absolutely going to be a showstopper in a defensive situation, but there’s more. Those 18 pellets are now half as likely to penetrate interior walls as they would have been if you’d just fired a regular buckshot load. So it’s far more effective against an attacker, and far safer for your family.

Federal tells us that their ammunition facility is producing ammunition just as quickly as they can safely do so, and that Federal Force X2 will be shipping in the coming weeks. Would you like to know more? Click here to visit Federal’s site…or check out this cool video!

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