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Top 10 Survival Gear



Most explorers, hunters, and hikers typically never open the survival kit but they never enter the wilderness without it.

It usually stored in the bottom of their backpacks, hopefully for years. All the survival gear must be encased in a waterproof and lightweight box. No matter what time of the year or the location, any kind of emergency can occur while you are enjoying the outdoors in the wilderness. It is essential that you go prepared with an emergency kit that can help you in times of need. Outdoor enthusiasts typically agonize over what things to put in the survival kit. A satellite phone and GPS unit are handy tools; but what if these items get lost or damaged? Well, here is a list of 10 survival gear that can help you in case of emergencies:

High-Calorie Protein Bars

These are great for emergencies where you are in situations where going hunting or fishing is not possible. Pack up a few protein bars to help you keep your energy levels up as you make your way to safety.

Compass and Map

In case you are unable to use GPS, a map and a compass will come to your rescue. A compass uses magnetic pointer along with the natural magnetic field of the earth to determine the direction. Using these tools, you would be able to pinpoint your location and your destination. Even if your map gets damaged, a compass can still help you go in the right direction.


This will help you navigate your way in the darkness and can also help you in getting the attention of the rescue team as flashlights can be seen from a good distance. It can also come handy in making fire.


If you are lost in the wilderness, a signal for help is a top priority. Periodically blowing a whistle can help in attracting attention faster and requires less energy than screaming or yelling for help.

Water Purification Supplies

Drinking unfiltered water can cause more harm, especially if you are injured. With water purification tools, you can decontaminate and filter the water before you drink.

Plastic Trash Bag

Aside from being light and thin, trash bags have plenty of uses. You can catch rain in them, use them as a rain poncho, and even windproof a shelter. It is best to pack several bags in your kit, the sturdier the better.

First-Aid Kit

Medical emergencies are a bigger deal as compared to getting lost in the wilderness. Worst of all is being injured and lost. A first aid kit is the most important item in your survival kit and must include items that can help in tending serious injuries, along with scrapes and cuts. It should include sun block, antibiotic cream, thread and needle, tweezers, Celox or Quick Clot for serious bleeding, and other medication you might need. Ensure that everyone has a separate first aid kit with them at all times.

Fire Starter

A fire can help in various ways in a survival scenario including, signaling for help, purifying water, heating food, getting warm in a cold night. It offers you light and security in the dark. Pack a magnifying glass lens, a flint, weatherproof matches, and 2 – 3 lighters in a waterproof box.


In worst case scenarios, you need two main things immediately – finding safety and signaling for rescue. While smoke signals can work, nothing can get the most attention than a flare. It gives an unmistakable and clear signal that can’t be missed by a passing ship, helicopter or plane. You can get a laser flare which is expensive but works the best. If not a laser flare, pack the flare gun which you can shoot in the sky in case of emergency.


Knives are the most important survival gear you can have in the wilderness. It serves numerous benefits like protecting yourself from any threat, for hunting, chopping branches to make shelter, making campfires, and so much more. Make sure that the knife has a sturdy blade – a machete is the best option. It is recommended to pack a smaller knife as well in your survival pack.

If you are injured or lost, the right survival gear can mean a massive difference between a cold night and a comfortable night, and can also get you rescued immediately. Endure that you pack these 10 survival items in your emergency/survival kit and include any other item that you can think of. This survival kit can be good for 72 hours emergency. Make sure you have it on you at all times, even if you are out with a group of people.

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