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Tips on Preparing Food Kits for Survival



Dealing with a difficult situation is already daunting.

Pair it up with lack of energy and it’s not a situation you’d ever want to be in. The key to surviving out in the open is to have energy to take on whatever comes your way. That’s why selecting the right food for your survival kit is imperative.

If you have the option, you can thrive by collecting berries and fruits from the surroundings. But what if that isn’t even an option? It’s always advisable not to go for wild berries as they can be poisonous.

The big question is what food items to include in your survival kit? You don’t want to take unnecessary stuff as it’ll just be a waste of space. You need to focus out in the open and there are foods that can help you with that. These food items are the ones that should ideally be in your survival kit. Foods with a high-calorie count and lots of protein are the best shot you have at preparing for the worst. With the right ingredients to boost your energy, these foods can be your savior in times of dire need.

Get ready to pack your bags and head out for an adventure. But not before you read these tips and ensure you have the resources needed for an emergency.

Save Storage Space

Don’t let bulky boxes or packages weigh your backpack down. The lighter your backpack is, the easier it will be for you. Keep only the most vital of food items. The key is to take things that can provide instant energy. This way you can quickly recover burnt calories with the right food kit for survival. That added push is what you’ll need in case an emergency arises.

Long Storage Life

The whole point of preparing a food kit for survival is to take sustainable food that’s edible when needed. In order to fulfill the instant energy requirement, people forget that they need something that can last a long time. In this regard, energy bars are the perfect ration to take along. They don’t go bad so soon and will give you the boost of energy you need to survive. Naturally preserved meat will go a long way and so make sure you include some in the survival food kit.

Nuts and Dried Fruits

The best thing about these nutritious munchies is that they take so much less space. Packed with calories, a handful of dried fruits and nuts are a great option when instant energy is on your mind. Apricots and raisins are a must have in your survival food kit. Not to mention that they also offer potassium and dietary fiber.

These are all essential elements you’ll need to survive in case of an emergency out there. Make sure you store them in vacuum-packed containers. This prevents air getting to them and oxidizing the nuts. You can prevent nuts from losing their freshness by storing them in these air tight packages.

Instant Energy Foods

Carbohydrates are your gateway to an endless supply of energy and that’s why energy bars are a must-have in your survival food kit. Healthy and filling, these rations can stay fresh for at least 6 months. That’s an impressive life span and that’s why they are included in every survival food kit. The same goes for granola bars.

Water Filter

An ample supply of food would do you no good if you can’t find clean drinking water. You need at least a gallon of water per day. Unfortunately you can’t carry a large quantity of water around with you. Make sure you have a water bottle with you at all times. Another item that will make your life easier is a water filter. There are ways you can get distilled water by using a simple DIY but keeping a professional water filter is always a great idea.

You need a refreshed and energized mind to make sound decisions out in the open. When there’s food in your belly, you’ll be able to overcome the hardships and finally find your way back home. Just remember to keep your spirits up! Losing hope could be the worst thing you can do to yourself. As long as you have the energy and strength to help yourself, there are chances you can survive the ordeal.

So, make sure you prepare your survival food kit with care. Include all the above mentioned items and you won’t be at your wits end in case of an emergency.

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