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Their Story: Couple Shares Hunting Experience



A couple that hunts together stays together! David and Cristina recently got married after three years of dating. When they were dating, Cristina always stayed behind when David went on hunting trips with his buddies, but then she changed her mind.

Couple Shares Hunting Experience

What Changed Cristina’s Mind about Hunting?

Marriage! When they said their “I dos”, Cristina took the part “till death do us apart” of their wedding vows very seriously.

“I always knew hunting was a big part of David’s life. He has been going hunting with his father, two brothers and sister since he was a young kid. Yes, his sister shares a deep-rooted passion for deer hunting. When I joined the family, I didn’t have any interest, but after marriage, I said, “What the heck!” I will give it a go.” — Cristina

“I remember I was going on a hunting trip with my father when I saw her standing at the door with her arms crossed and a strained expression on her face as if she was deep in thought. I asked her what’s wrong. I mean I told her I am leaving to deer hunt so she couldn’t be mad at me for not telling me. She told me that she wanted to join me. She had never gone hunting and was curious to see the process of hunting. I had no problem. More the merrier is what I always say.” – David

Cristina’s First Impression of Hunting as an Onlooker

Cristina went as an onlooker, but came out as a fan of deer hunting. The entire process of tracking, laying out traps, patiently waiting, and finally shooting and skinning the deer to cook it really intrigued her. However, not so much that she wanted to hunt with David all the time, but she did want to hunt whenever she was in the mood to hunt.

“Of course, I wanted to hunt with David. I enjoyed watching them hunt. The problem was that I had never shot a gun before and I needed practice. From there, David and my father-in-law, an experienced hunter, became my coaches. They took me to the gun firing range where we practiced shooting the weapon. They gave me tips about deer hunting. After a month, I was ready for my first real deer hunt.” — Cristina

Couple Shares Hunting Experience: Cristina’s First Hunt

“On her first deer hunt, she shot a whitetail deer. I was surprised at her accuracy— even though she missed her mark a few times — she was still good, but then again, I am a good coach. In all seriousness, I think she already had a hunter in her. The huntress in her is very good at hunting. When I look back to the first time she hunted to now, she has gotten a lot better.” — David

“Did he give himself credit? Obviously, he did. Yes, he taught me a lot about hunting, but I think my motivation to get better at deer hunting also played a huge role in my improvement. Now, I can take down a whitetail deer with one, single shot. If I recall my first hunting experience, I wasn’t that good, but wasn’t bad either.” – Cristina

What Do David and Cristina Like Most About Hunting Together?

“For me, it’s definitely the kill and the skinning part.” – David

“For me, it’s the cooking part! I love to cook the deer over the open flame.” – Cristina

“I agree! Her cooking skills are over the top. Given, she was already a good cook so I am not surprised at how flavorsome the cooked deer is when you take a bite. – David

How Often Do They Hunt Together?

“Even though I like going hunting together with David, I don’t go every time.” – Cristina

“I’ve always asked her to join when we go hunting together, but sometimes, she declines.” — David

“I decline because I know how important it is for you to bond with your siblings and friends.” — Cristina

“You’re also not a diehard fan of hunting.” — David

“Yes, that too! But whenever I go with you or when it is just me and you, that is always fun.” — Cristina

“Oh, yes! Agreed! I love hunting with her. In fact, we are going to Canada to hunt for deer. Just me and her. It will be a good, mini vacation for us as well.” — David

“We are always scouting new places to hunt together, locally, nationally, and internationally. — Cristina

Couple share hunting experience — do you have a story to share with us? If you do, send it to us!

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