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Pig Brig: Best Hog Eradication Tool Ever?



Feral hogs are a terrible strain on our ecosystem.

It really doesn’t matter where in America you live; there’s really no part of our country that can sustain our current population of wild pigs. They’re an incredibly destructive species, and an invasive one … meaning that our ecosystem did not evolve along with the pigs. That, in turn, means that there’s no natural balance like you would see with native species. They have few natural predators. In fact, they have few natural scavengers. If you were to shoot a 300-lb. porker in Texas and leave it overnight, it would be untouched in the morning because even the coyotes and vultures don’t want any. They’re as smart as dogs but they breed like rats, and they either eat or root up everything they see.

What’s more, if you have a sufficient quantity on your land, it’s going to be extremely hard to eradicate them via traditional means. Any pig hunter can tell you that the wild boar is a real challenge, so you’re unlikely to wipe out a herd (aka “sounder”) of them with a gun. Poison will work, but the problem is that other animals will almost certainly be poisoned, too.

That’s why, when we heard about the Pig Brig from our friends at the National Deer Association, we thought we’d spread the word, too! Yes, it’s a painless piggy prison, but none of them can expect parole. Check out this cool video … if you want a Pig Brig of your own, the website is here.


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