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Wild Hog Hunting Tips



Wild hogs are present in different parts of the United States.

The actual name of this animal is the feral pig, but it is common in the US to use the term of wild hogs. They are a common game animal, especially in the south of the country. Here are some useful wild hog hunting tips that will ensure that you can be proficient in your future hunting trips and achieve the ideal success as a pro hunter.

Gain Knowledge


The first of our wild hog hunting tips is that you must gain knowledge about the area that you are going for the hunt. There are different conditions in different areas, and you need to choose your weapons accordingly. There are three states, which are great for enjoying feral pig hunting. If you get these states with sufficient information on hand, you are sure to hunt multiple wild hogs on your trip.

Texas has the largest population of wild hogs, and you only need a general hunting license to hunt on any public land. In fact, you can also enjoy night hunting here if you have informed the local game warden in advance. Florida enjoys the second largest hog population. Wild hogs can be hunted anytime except during the spring turkey season.

Louisiana is another popular state for wild hog hunting. If you follow some restrictions, you can easily hunt feral pigs at night, which is easier and avoids the rush of having to compete with other hunters in the same area.

Using Calls

One of the important wild hog hunting tips is to learn the use of different animal calls. Feral pigs have an aggressive nature and will often respond to predator calls. Remember, you should always place yourself in a downwind position and then use short bursts of the typical predator sounds. Another sound is that of piglets. Sows will react aggressively to protect the young ones.

This is a great tip, but one that should be employed when you have properly set up shop. Remember, you will find that wild hogs respond aggressively and come running out in the open. Keep your distance and hunt them preferably from the safety of your setup.

Hunting at Night

Hunting at night is getting popular and is among our top wild hog hunting tips. The increase in the wild hog population has led to several states, allowing hunters to hunt for pigs during the night. There are some restrictions that are often placed on night hunters. If you work with the local game warden, you can identify some unique night hunting opportunities.

It is on the best wild hog hunting tips, because you can use artificial lights in many conditions. This means that you can install customized hunting lights on your feeders and increase your chances of bagging a wild feral pig at night. In good hunting conditions, you can enjoy multiple kills at night, because wild hogs are at ease and develop nocturnal eating habits, especially in areas where daytime hunting is more common.

Look for Rooting and Wallowing Signs

If you often struggle to find wild hogs, even in popular areas, then this one of our amazing wild hog hunting tips will offer you help. You should learn to read the rooting and wallowing signs that feral pigs often leave behind. Rooting refers to seeing uprooted and disturbed soil. This occurs because wild hogs use their snout to dig into the soil to find something to eat.

The second sign is that of wallowing. This occurs near bodies of water, such as lakes and creeks. Pigs love to bathe in wet soil. They often dig up large patches of land near water to cover themselves in the wet mud and remain cool. You can see wallowing as a sign that not only is a wild hog near, it is perhaps present in a relaxing condition and will show predictable behavior.

Take Aim

accuracy, action, active

Wild hogs often run, when they find that they are in danger. However, they love to eat food and if you have rightly set up your feeders, they are bound to be attracted by food and come to eat, whether it is the day or the nighttime. One of the important wild hog hunting tips is to not panic and carefully aim before using your weapon of choice.

Whether you are using a bow or a firearm, you should always attempt to count your first shot. Aim at the vital organs of the pig and make sure that you go for a clean kill, rather than getting overwhelmed and destroying your game prize.

These are some the of top wild hog hunting tips for both beginners and pros. Now go out and kill some wild hogs!

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