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A Beginner’s Guide – Everything You Need to Know about Flyboarding



Do you know that depending on the age, weight and time spent Flyboarding, one can easily burn hundreds of calories with this sport?

Flyboarding is an extreme sport and a hybrid activity as it is sometimes referred to as the mix of wakeboarding, water skiing, acrobatic and skiing diving and snowboarding. This means that flyboarding provides you the best experience of each sport and even though it’s assumed to be tough, it is actually very simple to learn.

That is why Flyboarding is being embraced by a lot of water sports enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies, but you may not know that Flyboarding also does a lot more in terms of health than simply making your heart race. So, if you are a beginner then read on as here we share a beginner’s guide to Flyboarding, mentioning everything that you need to know about this adventure!

A beginner’s guide to Flyboarding

Here is some of the basic information that you must know before you get a Flyboarding experience.

How does a flyboard work?

A flyboard works as a jet propulsion system, which sucks in the water from the base and shoots it out from the back of Jet Ski. The amount of water shot out depends on your speed and how fast you go. To start with Flyboarding, you must first attach the adaptor with a U-Pipe to ensure that water travels through a hose which in turn propels the flyboard high into the air. If you want to experience the best flying results, then your pilot must maintain the RPM steadily so you can have good balance.

How fast can you learn Flyboarding?

Well, it’s just a matter of a few minutes! On average, a person takes maximum ten minutes to learn the sport. Moreover, for someone who has already been on board sports, he/she can learn Flyboarding even faster. As a beginner’s guide to Flyboarding, all you need to work on for now is maintain a good body balance. However, some Flyboarding companies have an age restriction of at least 13 years for getting into Flyboarding. With that, there are no specific height requirements and the weight-specific is set up to 385 pounds.

Additionally, don’t have to worry about drowning since everything up from the board till your helmet floats easily, so you cannot sink.

How to control the Flyboard

Since you are a beginner, your JetSki controller will control the flyboard height and speed. They usually set it quite low for beginners unless you get more comfortable and after that, definitely, sky’s the limit!

What are the common body movements?

If you already have a skating, snowboarding or surfing experience then these motions are quite intuitive. Typically, you keep the legs in straight position unless you want to perform a trick. If you want to turn then bend each knee at a time. To make a left turn, bend your right knee and same goes for turning to the right. The best way to practice this is to think like snowboarding or skateboarding and practice the ‘S’ turns. However, keep your arms outstretched and core engaged to gain full balance.

How is the first experience?

Flyboarding offers an exclusive and amazing experience and truly distinguishable from all other water sports invented till today. The experience simply leaves you feeling vigorous both physically and spiritually. The feeling of being propelled by the jet is sometimes described as a miraculous one. This is definitely a sport worth trying and once you try it, you will get an experience like no other!

Is Flyboarding dangerous?

If you don’t know how to handle the water pressure then yes, the experience can be horrible for you. And this is exactly why we are sharing this beginner’s guide to Flyboarding so that you don’t make some common mistake such as using feet or hands to control the balance and pressure of your body. Similarly, don’t be scared of falling into the water, as being a beginner, this is something that will happen and it’s not dangerous in any way.

Moreover, being new to the sport, don’t try to master every trick right away without having any safety precautions. While falling into the water is not scary, it can be a lot more damaging to your health and overall Flyboarding experience, if you fall from a significant height.

Conclusively, don’t hesitate in taking the assistance of an instructor as you prepare yourself for your first ever Flyboarding experience. They can provide with some easy tips and tricks that will make your experience even more amusing and full of adventure!


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