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6 Tips to Follow For Your Safety in Flyboard Water Sport



For many people, going flyboarding is a must-have on their bucket list of adventures.

Flyboarding gives them the opportunity to fly like a bird and dive like a dolphin, in just one sport. It is the best thing to do for those who seek for adventure or are going on vacations. This water sport will definitely be the highlight of any vacation as it is fun and full of crazy adrenaline rushes.

No matter how much of an adventure lover someone might be, there are 6 tips to follow for your safety in this water sport. Beginners must be under expert supervision. This water sport is relatively new as it was introduced in 2012. It uses a hydro-flight device that has a pair of boots connected to a board. Below, the board has pipes that take out water with pressure, allowing the individual to stay in the air.

Since, going to the beach is a must-do on vacations, flyboarding is the perfect activity. However, for all individuals, knowing these 6 tips to follow for your safety in flyboard water sport is crucial.


When beginners start learning flyboarding, they are asked a few questions. The instructor must know if an individual can swim or not. Swimming is a pre-requisite when opting to go for any water sport. When someone knows swimming, they are able to enjoy the water without having to worry. While all safety measures are taken, accidents may occur sometimes. Individuals will feel peaceful if they can swim as then if they are not at a risk of drowning.

Keep in mind, you do not need to be a perfect swimmer. You just need to know the basics. The better you are at swimming, the lesser time it takes the instructor to teach.


Before renting a flyboard, make sure you know what the required age criteria is. Although, it is not an age-specific water sport, there are some local authorities and rental services that have certain conditions regarding who can be a part of the enjoyment. This is one of the 6 safety tips to follow for your safety as it is not suitable for people of all ages. Most places require children under 18 years to come with a guardian. For these children, this sport is only allowed when the guardian is present.


Weight is crucial when thinking of flyboarding. Some places may say you can enjoy the sport regardless of weight, but that is not physically doable because of safety reasons. Doing some research before going flyboarding is recommended. Ask the instructor what the maximum weight limit on the flyboard is. For over-weight people, flyboarding is not possible as it will not allow them to go over the water.

Go Sober

Drinking is something that is enjoyed during vacations, but it is not recommended before flyboarding. This is one of the most important 6 tips to follow. Balance is the key when going flyboarding; therefore, going with an altered state of mind can be extremely dangerous.

Safety Gear

If you truly want to enjoy flyboarding, safety gear is a must. The design of the flyboard was constructed so people of all ages could enjoy. The boots on the board are supposed to be fastened so that you can maintain your balance. Participants must wear the safety kit that is given to them for a fun-filled experience.

Apart from having the board, there are other safety gears as well. Every participant must wear a helmet and a life jacket so they can be safe from accidents. Diving into water with rocks under can be extremely life threatening; therefore, the safety gear will make sure you are safe from any severe accidents.

The Instructions

Flyboards are connected to watercrafts so they can create tides. Trainers are on the water rafts so that you do not make any mistakes. Additionally, trainers help the participant to learn the methods of hydro-flying before they take this challenge. Understanding the guidelines is crucial before going on this endeavor.

Now that you are aware of the 6 tips to follow your safety in flyboard water sport, make sure you go prepared. Knowing about the sport before taking on it is smart and important as this way you will know what to do and what to avoid.

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