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Survival Gear: Must-Have Items For Any Survival Kit



So, you’re going to explore the wilderness and don’t know what to pack?

Your survival kit is of utmost importance and you need to be aware of the items you would need. It’s really not all that difficult, you just need to be well aware of the items that would come in handy during a difficult situation. However, it’s very easy to go wrong in this case mostly because people tend to go overboard with what they pack. Remember, consistency is key and you need to make sure your backpack is light and useful.

If you often tend to find trouble with packing your survival kit then you’ve come to the right place. This post is dedicated to guiding you towards understanding the essentials you would need for a successful trip. Read ahead to find out the Must-have items that you would need for any Survival Kit.

Survival Packing Done Right

So it’s time to look into the items you have to pack which means it’s time to evaluate and assess your situation and where you’ll be going. You have to pack keeping the following things in mind:

  • How many items would you need?
  • How are you planning on carrying the items?
  • Where are you going?
  • What are the dangers you are likely to face there?

Remember, you need to assess the situation keeping a realistic outlook in mind and accordingly go ahead with your survival gear packing. However, here are a few Must-have items for any Survival Kit:

Items Needed #1: Compass and Maps

Every survival gear needs to have a compass and a map. No matter how well you think you might know the place, you always need to be ready for surprises which means a compass and a map is of absolute necessity. You need to make sure you pack this up first thing and no, don’t rely on your cell phone or any other device to help guide you because they can run out of juice at any moment and you’ll be left in the dark about the whereabouts. Remember, you should also be aware of how you’re going to be reading the map, it’s not difficult but most people tend to find difficulty in navigating through them.

Items Needed #2: Matches or Fire Starters

Even though you can always opt for age old natural methods of starting fires but those usually take a very long time and hard work as well. The best thing that you can do is depend on matches and fire starters to help you get build your fire. Just remember that if you’re carrying matches then make sure you pack them up very well in a box, keeping it far away from water. Once the matches get wet, they’re basically useless for you which is why it’s better to keep them all separately and safe.

Items Needed #3: First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is of the top most priority amongst the Must-have items for any Survival Kit. One thing you’re known to face in the wild is cuts and bruises and what happens when you’re unable to attend to your wounds immediately? Catastrophe is what happens! Your survival gear must always include a medical kit which includes antiseptic and bandages to avoid infections from occurring. It’s not only going to end up ruining your trip in the wilderness, it’s also going to ruining the other days to come.

Items Needed #4: Extras

Extras mean additional items in your kit. These include:

  • Extra batteries
  • Extra tissues/ personal hygiene items
  • Extra water bottles
  • Extra money
  • Extra documentations
  • Extra matches etc.

Any item that you think is important and you simply will not be able to function without need to be added in the “extras” list. Amongst all your Must-have items for any Survival Kit for your survival gear, this proves to always come in handy. After all, you really don’t want to end up running out of items quite fast, do you?

Items Needed #5: Cell Phone Chargers

Your cell phone is the most important part of the tip which means you need to load up on cell phone chargers. If you ever end up facing an emergency, you need to make sure that your phone is well charged so you can contact your friends or family. This is a definite amongst the Must-have items for any Survival Kit.

If you add these items, then your well equipped for your survival gear!

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