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When Teens Poach: Illinois/Indiana Shock Arrest



Four “kids,” two states, at least 20 deer.

Nobody likes poachers less than we lawful hunters, although most of us have forgiveness in our hearts for those ignorant of the law or in dire straits. However, sometimes poaching represents something much darker and antisocial, and that seems to be the case in today’s shocking news out of Indiana. Four juveniles, who are not being named due to their ages, are facing charges that span over two states, two years, and at least 20 whitetail deer.

Those numbers don’t tell the whole story of the horror that Indiana and Illinois DNR officers found. The states’ investigation found that the four juveniles had illegally killed more than 20 deer in the two states during the 2019, 2020, and 2021 deer seasons. Multiple deer were shot from trucks, shot with the aid of spotlights at night, and intentionally run over with vehicles, and then stabbed or kicked to death.

The investigation originated on Jan. 7, after Illinois DNR Conservation Police Officers (ICPOs) received information regarding alleged poaching near Mount Carmel, Illinois and Gibson County, Indiana. ICPOs obtained multiple search warrants, executed them on Jan. 8, and contacted Indiana Conservation Officers after discovering that numerous wildlife violations occurred in Indiana.

Indiana Conservation Officers’ portion of a six-month-long multi-state poaching investigation resulted in charges being filed against four juveniles from Mount Carmel, Illinois by the Gibson County Prosecutor’s Office. The juveniles were charged with committing a combined 119 wildlife violations in Indiana and Illinois during a two-year span.

The wide range of misdemeanor violations includes torture or mutilation of a vertebrate animal, wanton waste, illegal taking of white-tailed deer, use of artificial light to take deer /jacklighting, fail to procure non-resident deer license, hunting without landowner consent, criminal trespass, criminal trespass on railroad train car, hunt/shoot from public roadway, take more than one antlered deer, and take/chase wild animal with the use of motor driven conveyance. All suspects are innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

Report a poacher today. You may have spared America a future serial killer…or four.

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