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What Should Be Packed in A Survival Kit?



Camping in the great outdoors is adventurous, no doubt.

However, you would not want to be at the mercy of the great outdoors, right? The fact of the matter is that your adventure will rely heavily upon the tools that you have got in your survival kit. For your reference, here are a few items that are a “must” for all survival kits:

Fire Starter

What’s the first thing that you’ll need if you’re lost in a deserted campsite? Fire! Why? Well, it’s because fire will be able to grant you, both, heat and light (unless it’s raining, of course!). However, a question comes to mind: how, exactly, will you start a fire? With a fire starter, of course. Regardless of whether you’re equipped with a Magnesium fire-starter or a simple box of matches, the importance of having a fire starter in your survival kit cannot be stressed upon enough!


Image result for map compass altimeter

It’s natural for adventure seekers to get lost, somewhere, in the wilderness, right? Well, when that happens, the said adventurist would wish to know where they’re supposed to go to escape their predicament, right? It’s of utmost importance for adventurists, therefore, to have something to guide them at times of geographical distress.


Regardless of whether you need to cut onions on your trip or not, it’s of utmost importance for you to keep a knife with you at all times. Why? Well, it’s because onions aren’t the only things that you’d need to cut among the bogs. There are quite a few kinds of knives that are available for adventurists to choose from. From a fixed blade knife to a pocket knife to multi-purpose knife—your choice of knife should be dependent upon the circumstances that you’ll be facing.


I mean…can a survival kit be even completed without a flashlight? From going exploring to ensuring that you’re able to find your way in the night, the utilities of a flashlight cannot be stressed upon enough. Flashlights consume very little power, no doubt, but there’s still a need for you to carry extra batteries just, in case. The only kind of flashlight that’s of any utility is a working one, right?

First Aid Kit

Are you of the perception that you will never need one on your adventures? Well, you should better think again! Adventures and accidents appear to have a strange proximity with each other and every smart adventurist knows that having a first aid kit by your side is the least that you can do for the wellbeing of you and your loved ones. So, remember to assemble a first aid kit for yourself before you set out on the adventure of your lifetime!

Water Container

Water is a necessity for sustaining life, regardless of whether you are on an adventure or not. However, when you are out in the wild, the importance of water finds a completely new meaning. It is important, therefore, for you to carry a water container, at all times that would be able to provide you with drinking water. A stainless steel container can be perfect in this regard.

Emergency Blanket

If there is one thing that you need to know, when it comes to the great outdoors, is that you are supposed to expect the unexpected…always! What this means is that a calm looking night might turn into a raging thunderstorm in, absolutely, no time at all. With this considered, it is important for adventurists to have an emergency blanket, at your disposal, so that you may be able to save yourself from the sudden wrath of Mother Nature.


I mean…how could you go out into the wild without it? Even experts, like Bear Grylls, carry some food with themselves so that they may not starve to death. When you are out into the wild, you will need energy to do all that you might wish to do. It is understandable for you to wish to hunt a lamb, roast it and then eat it fresh, but it would be wise of you to carry some food with yourself so that your trip is not shortened by your inability to do so!

When you put pen to paper, you realize that there is a long list of items needing to be made a part of your survival kit, depending upon the circumstances. It is essential, therefore, for you to consider all of the intricacies of your adventures before you make the decision of preparing the best survival kit for yourself!

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