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What Is The Goal Of Essential Everyday Carry Gear?



It is never a bad idea to be prepared for a disaster or an emergency.

The Boy Scout motto, “Always be prepared” teaches us a valuable life lesson. People who are prepared for any situation are more likely to overcome disaster when it strikes.

Your mentality of being prepared should be for all places and all times. A lot of people wrongly associate that being prepared for survival situation is only relevant when you are going to a forest or park for a hiking trip. That is the wrong way to look at things.

Just because you live in a densely populated urban city does not mean you cannot suddenly end up in a desperate situation. We have put together a list of everyday carry gear that can come in handy, even if you live at the heart of a metropolis.

Benefits of EDC philosophy

The one thing you may not realize is that you may already have a passive everyday carry approach regarding some items. Almost everyone has it. The difference with EDC approach is that you make an active effort to keep certain items on your person. This can give you a number of benefits.

You Can Do More

If you add new tools to your EDC gear, you will be able to perform new functions that make your life easier and better. On the other hand, if you upgrade the EDC essentials you already carry, you will be able to maximize their efficiency and this can open new opportunities for you.

Self Reliance

Having the EDC essential tools on your person will make you feel ready for anything. Not only will you be able to do your routine job better, you will have the ability to shine in unexpected situations as well. Your EDC will let you do things on your own without looking at others for help.

Saving In The Long Run

If you have EDC essentials on you to deal with unexpected situations on time, it may save you money in the long-run. Choosing reliable and well-made goods means you don’t have to spend more money to replace inexpensive, cheaply made products every few months. Many EDC products of good quality are built for life and they give you a good balance of value and quality because you only buy them once.


On some occasions, you may not even need to waste time asking other people to help you out. In most cases when something breaks down and you ask someone for help, they will only go to search for the right tool that can sort out the problem. A good EDC with well-built tools will make your life easier.

EDC Gear Will Make You Stand Out

One of the big benefits of EDC lifestyle is that you will stand out among your peers. The tools and gadgets you carry on your person and the ease with which you solve problems speaks volume to others around you. It tells them that when there is a problem, you are a like mountain standing firm between faltering, confused and distressed people who don’t know what to do.

Common Items in an EDC Kit

The items in your EDC gear will depend on your specific needs. The items listed below are common and should help you get started to building your own kit.

  1. A phone is indispensable in the modern day given the technology and GPS connectivity that comes with it. A phone lets you contact people and services quickly. A smartphone with the right apps, such as public transport timings, flashlight, watch, local news and camera, let you do a lot of things in case of trouble.
  2. A wallet houses your cards, IDs, contacts, cash and important documents, all organized in one place. It serves an important purpose by keeping valuable assets safe from damage.
  3. A keychain organizes all your keys and access cards. They are easy to use and a must-have EDC.
  4. A multitool is perhaps one of the best EDC tools given its range of utility, portability and ease of carrying. It includes scissors, screwdrivers, pliers, bottle openers, clippers and other cutters. It lies at the core of EDC essentials.
  5. Pen and paper are two important tools for your EDC as they can be used in many situations.
  6. Flashlight is another great item to carry around. Apart from its obvious importance at night, a flashlight may also come in handy during the day while looking at corners or unlit spaces in the office or behind a counter.

A growing number of people are joining the EDC community and build their EDC list. These are the things that they make sure are in their pockets or handbag before walking out the door in the morning. People can feel lost without their EDC tools, even if they don’t use every one of these items daily. EDC essentials are the items that make them feel complete.

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