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What Are the 10 Game-Changing Bow Hunting Tips for 2017?



So, you want to hunt deer using a bow? For a successful hunt using a bow and arrow, you need to master a few tips. Mastering some of these tips takes time.

With a little hard work, you will have your first deer hunted using a bow in no time.

If you want to take a break from hunting game using a gun, here are the 10 game changing bow hunting tips for 2017 you need to learn:

Practice Makes Perfect

Some of the issues first-time bow hunters experience is locking their left arm when taking aim, shooting a long draw length, and gripping the bow improperly. If your arrows are going all over the place, your shooting technique is all wrong.

This means you need to practice and train so you can reach the level of greatness like Katniss from the Hunger Games or Legolas in The Lord of the Rings. Unlike them — born talented archers — you need to practice with a person who is good at archery.

Study the Animal and Learn Hunting Strategies

You are the predator and the game is your prey. As a predator, you need to study your prey and ask other hunters who use a bow what their hunting strategies are. You can read books or search the internet to educate yourself more on the game and hunting strategies to adopt when using a bow.

Tune Your Equipment

If the arrow is not flying in a straight line as it is supposed to, you need to tune your equipment. You do not want the arrow to fishtail when it hits the game. Examine the arrow’s nock with the broadhead to determine if it is out of line. Tune your arrow properly to ensure you do not miss your target.

Use Google Earth

Google Earth makes the list of the 10 game changing bow hunting tips for 2017. It can help you view the hunting ground. You can use Google Earth to zoom in and receive detailed imagery. Use it to select strategic positions where you can place the treestand. When you zoom into the map, you can see the deer trails more clearly.

Shoot 3D Courses

To practice your bow hunting skills, take a 3D course. If hunting season has not arrived yet and you want to get in some practice before it, you can opt for a 3D course to perfect your bow hunting skills. By taking a 3D course, you can train your eyes to focus on the target and shoot at it. There’s also virtual reality, or VR, games that you can use to tune in your skills.

Use Tarsal Glands

You can use tarsal glands to attract deer to you. You can spray the scent and wait for the game to come to you. It is an effective method to lure deer in your direction.

Select the Spots

Another 10 game changing bow hunting tips for 2017 is the importance of scouting. You should scout out the spots at least one week before the start of the hunting season. If you scout the spot the last minute, the deer will know not to come there. You can put markers on the spots you have scouted so you know where to go when hunting season arrives. You can even place trail cameras to locate where the deer comes, get the cards, and use the pictures to know where you need to set up to hunt for game. Sit back with your bow and arrow and wait for the deer to come to you.

Opt for Midday Hunts

The deer usually comes out to eat and walk around during midday. You can wait for the deer to come during midday between 10:30 and noon or 9:30 and 2:00. This is the perfect time for you to practice hunting with a bow and arrow as well due to likely chance of spotting several deer.

Refer to the Wind

One of the 10 game changing bow hunting tips for 2017 is not to hunt for deer when the wind is bad. You will not be able to trick a deer, especially a whitetail tail, into coming out into the open for you to take aim. Since you are using a bow and arrow, the wind direction is very important. You need to judge the direction of the wind before you release your bow.

Refer to the Hunter’s Log

You can revisit the hunter’s log before you plan to go out and hunt using your bow and arrow. If you noted down the temperature and wind in your hunter’s log, you will have an ideal about the ideal place and condition to shoot your bow and arrow.

With these 10 game changing bow hunting tips for 2017, you will become an expert archer.

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