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Things I Shouldn’t Want, But Do: Jeep Electric Mountain Bike



Shut up and take my money.

Every so often, a new product comes out that I shouldn’t want…but do.

The key to both my heart and my wallet is the word “Jeep”: You could brand that logo into the top of a pancake and I’d be there with my wallet out. So when I learned through the outdoor writer’s grapevine that there was a new Jeep electric bike powered by QuietKat in the works, I marked my calendar and started saving. This bad boy goes for $5,899 to $6,177, but it’s been motoring me through my dreams and soon it will be motoring me through the backcountry. How soon? However long it takes my Jeep electric bike to get from the factory on its ship date of September 1, 2020.

The e-bike that is soon to become mine, all mine, is a full suspension electric mountain bike. Geared towards exploring the far corners of the earth (or at least the areas where it’s legal to ride an e-bike), the Jeep electric mountain bike is the definition of “rugged.” The Fire-Link suspension system is a true four-bar linkage, providing the ultimate traction and capability, while 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes allow for maximum control on steep descents and hard-to-navigate terrain.


This e-bike wasn’t built for bunny trails. The manufacturer calls it “the most capable electric mountain bike in existence,” and in about three weeks I’m going to put that to the test. Constructed on an impressive 26″x4.8″ Fat-Tire platform, the Jeep e-Bike is designed to easily tackle a variety of technical, off-road terrain including soft sand and snow, as well as hardpack trails and rocks. It will achieve speeds of up to 20 mph (and that’s just the part where I drive it out of the store dragging the still-attached tags behind it).
The Jeep e-Bike comes standard with the industry-leading BAFANG Ultra-Drive 750 Watt motor, packing a powerful 150 watts at peak performance and is configurable as a Class 1 or 2 Electric Bicycle. A wide-range drivetrain delivers all the torque you will need to climb the steepest hills. According to the manufacturer, it will do this for riders who weigh up to 300 pounds, which is good for me. (I’m not saying whether I “gained the COVID 19” during quarantine, but I gained the COVID 19 during quarantine.) It can also slow down those same 300 pounds, with the help of Tektro four-piston hydraulic disc brakes paired with 203mm rotors.
Look for the Jeep electric mountain bike the first week of September;


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