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Things I Probably Shouldn’t Want, But Do: DRD Securis Tomahawk



Dear Wallet: Brace yourself (again), because there’s something I shouldn’t want…but do.

Ever read World War Z (the book, not that awful Brad Pitt vehicle they released as a movie) or The Zombie Survival Guide? Both books, as well as The Walking Dead series, all make something very clear: Zombies may be slow and stupid, but their hearing is acute. What’s more, certain noises (like gunfire) can cue them to attack en masse. That’s why all bug-out bags and tactical defense kits should include an edged weapon with a long handle that you can deploy silently against the shuffling hordes.

That’s also why I want this DRD Tactical  SECURIS tomahawk. It’s definitely not because “DRD” stands for “Dead Right There,” which I already know when I’m dealing with zombies. It’s also definitely not because it has a badass skull logo on it. It’s because the SECURIS is manufactured from a solid piece of 4140 Chrome-Moly steel, hardened and coated. That means that I can pitch it at the dead tree in my back yard all day, every day, until I get sick of doing that (which will be more or less never).

Did someone say “tactical tomahawk scabbard”? Don’t mind if I do.

The non-sliding smooth grip handle is coated in a PVC blend for shock and impact resistance for when I use it to split zombie skulls. Additionally, the handle is then wrapped in 550 Paracord for increased grip, so I won’t get zombie goo on me when I do that. That same Paracord can be unwrapped and used as rope if the situation demands. (The situation is unlikely to ever demand for me, because I know for a fact I’ll never get that Paracord back on there right.)

Finally, and this is the kicker for me, it comes with a shoulder strapped Kydex scabbard. That means I can strap that bad boy onto myself and free up extra room in my survival kit.

“Not only is this a tool which our customers can rely on and use in the field, this is also a great addition to any blade collectors’ set. This is a solid product with a quality you can feel in your hands while also being able to admire it’s sleek aesthetic,” said Matt Ferland, DRD Tactical National Sales Manager. “We’re proud of the work that goes into these tomahawks, and we’re proud of the people who helped design it at its conception,” added Ferland.

So that’s the good news. The bad news is that it’s $400. But I want it anyway, and my credit rating is just going to have to deal.

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