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Deer Hunting

The Ultimate Checklist for A First Time Hunter



Hunting is an exhilarating sport that doesn’t only allow the hunter to catch their prey, it allows them to test several aspects of their skills.

These skills can include:

  • Patience
  • Determination
  • Focus
  • Precision

However, if this is your first time hunting then it’s probably best to start off as a deer hunter. This type is known to never disappoint! When you start deer hunting, you need to ask yourself, “Am I ready to commit to hunting?” because, let’s face it, not everyone has the hurt to put a bullet through a living creature. However, once you start, there’s really no going back! So, if you’re going deer hunting for the first time and you ask yourself, “what do I need?” then you can simply read ahead on this post and you’ll find out.

This post will give you the checklist you need to make your first time deer hunting an experience you’ll never forget.

What you need

So, you’re looking for a checklist to make your deer hunting experience a lot better then you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few tips to perfectly answer the question, “What do I need?” for every first time in deer hunting:

Tip #1: Camo face paint tubes are a must

The first item that you should consider getting is Camo face paint tubes. Even though many people have debates on whether to get face paint tubes or mask and gloves, the face paint almost always wins the debate which is why you should look into the best paint that you can find.

Tip #2: The scent killer always does the trick

If you’re going deer hunting for the first time and you ask yourself, “what do I need?” then the first thing that should come to mind is a scent killer. Often, deer can pick up the scents of their predators and run away and you need to make sure you’re well camouflaged so that no deer can know of your presence. Once they sense you or smell you, they run for the hills making you lose your trap. That’s why you need a scent killer and spray it on all over your body including your hats, boots, etc.

Tip #3: Luring scents are the way to go

Scent killers are a must pack but there are also another thing that comes in handy on a deer hunting trip and that is luring scents. While some scents are known to repel deer, others are known to attract them and when you’re going shopping for a hunt, these are the first things that you should get. After all, you won’t find many deer unless and until you know how to lure them towards you.

Tip #4: No deer hunt is complete without a rangefinder and extra batteries

A rangefinder is a device that estimates the distance between you and an object so when you reach your stand during a hunt, it’s always best to test these out with nearby trees, rocks and whatever else that you can find. Remember, a buck will always surprise you so keep your weapon ready at all times in case a buck decides to show up just behind a rock you were testing out.

Tip #5: Toilet paper and pee bottle

You cannot, on any condition, leave your post. You need to get a good spot and stay on your stand without moving an inch in case a deer decided to show up and it usually does too which means you cannot even miss a moment. A pee bottle and toilet paper is a must have in this case because, of course, when nature calls then you cannot say no!

Tip #6: Hand warmers are annoying but useful

While hand warmers are known to come in between the hunting experience, it’s important that you make the best use of them especially since winters are on a roll. Without hand warmers, you really don’t want to experience the trouble of cold hands which gets quite uncomfortable and hinders the whole experience.

Tip #7: Gutting knife needs to be with you at all times

Imagine you’ve finally caught a buck but when you’re there with it, you realize that you’ve forgotten the knife back home. Don’t let that happen to you, make sure you strap on a gutting knife with you at all times.

When you decide to go deer hunting for the first time, don’t just ask yourself, “what do I need”, just make a list of these items and make sure you get them.

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