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The Delights and Dilemmas of being a Hunter



Hunting can be great fun, but it doesn’t come without its troubles.

The Delights and Dilemmas of Hunting is a famous book by Forrest Wood, Jr. Taking reference from the name of this excellent book, we also want to describe the common joys and problems that are associated with hunting. Although it is a great activity, it has its demerits and problems that you must understand, especially if you want to turn pro.

Here, we share a few delights and then also suggest a few dilemmas that you must consider. Make your own decision at the end. We say, it is better to be a hunter and know the delights that we share.

The Delights

There are many delights that you can get out of a hunting experience. The delights and dilemmas of hunting is certainly a debatable topic, but we certainly believe that when properly controlled and governed, hunting is an excellent outdoor activity and full of the following benefits.

The first advantage is that you learn about a lot of important things. You need to get through a safety course just to obtain your hunting license. This means that you learn more about how to safely take care of yourself and how to carry out activities when you are out there in the wild. This is certainly a delightful experience for many novice hunters who find that the safety course provides them with confidence and the knowledge that they can employ in their routine activities.

Another delight that you get as a hunter is that you are helping the environment. This is certainly true when you are hunting in hog infested regions, where the overgrown population of the feral pigs has endangered the local ecosystems and has put a lot of pressure on them. This is certainly an advantage to take a side when contemplating the delights and dilemmas of hunting in your mind.

A key advantage is that you learn a lot more about the wildlife in the United States. You also learn to appreciate the different species that you find on your hunting trips. You get to interact with the wildlife and allow yourself the time to craft stories that you may tell to your grandchildren in the future.

Another delight is the physical exercise that you get as a hunter. When you are on a trip and out for the entire day, you certainly exercise your body and get rid of the extra fat that has been troubling you for the past few months. Just get engaged in a number of hunting trips, and we assure you that you will remain in excellent physical and psychological condition.

The Dilemma

The first is the moral dilemma that many activists present in opposition to hunting. They associate hunting to showing cruelty towards the animals. However, hunting has been around centuries and it is a great method to control the population of a particular species, like the wild hog population in the Southern states of the country.

If we compare the delights and dilemmas of hunting, then we find that a dilemma for some may be a great delight for others. You often find that you need to walk several miles, carry your supplies and move about, just to get the tracks of an animal that you may hunt later in the day. Another dilemma that new hunters face is that you need to obtain a license, find the ideal property and make sure that you have the necessary permissions.

These complex processes stop the fun for many hunters and they enter the dilemma of whether continuing to enjoy their hunting activities. Another dilemma is that you may become part of a hunting drive that leads to the extinction of an animal. Hunting can become dangerous, if you are not careful and not follow the guidelines that are given by the game warden of the area in which you want to enjoy a hunting experience.

A key dilemma is that you never to injure an animal and then leave them to die in a painful manner. This then becomes the top of the delights and dilemmas of hunting book, which takes away the joy of enjoying a sporting activity. You may feel like you are part of an ethically wrong business, which creates a dangerous effect on the ecosystem.


We have shared the delights and dilemmas of hunting with you in a truthful manner. Remember, hunting is a traditional activity and great way to control the population of invasive animals. If done with control, hunting is a delight that everyone should enjoy!

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