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The 9 Best Travel Tools



Trips can be extravagant, and enhanced with the aid of the right amenities.

Are you planning to go on a trip? While traveling, it is essential to have your travel tools with you so you can avoid any mishap or inconvenience on your trip. Apart from travelling with your smart phone, you can use the 9 best travel tools we have narrowed down here to have a calm trip.

All-In-One Plug Adapter

How many times have you travelled internationally with an adapter that does not work? When universal adapters made their debut in the market, they were selling quickly because it is necessary to have when travelling internationally.

Outlets in other countries have different systems. Some adapters are shaped differently, while some have problems with the volts.

Portable Phone Charger

Having this tool on the 9 best travel tools list is crucial. Carrying a portable phone charger when travelling and otherwise needs absolutely no explanation. When you are on the road, people take their phones out for multiple reasons. Whether it is to take pictures, to listen to music or talk to the loved ones back home, phones are ALWAYS used. With the phone charging draining, having a charger handy will save you from going through the troubles of finding chargers.

Weatherproof Phone Cover

Frequent travelers know the importance of travelling with a weatherproof phone case. Although, practically these phone cases seem to be bulky and heavy, but when travelling, they are your best friend. Since the weather is something that cannot be controlled, if you are caught in a bad weather situation, at least your phone would be safe. Purchasing a legitimate weatherproof phone case could help in so many ways and it is long lasting.


Although bringing your smart phone may seem enough, bringing your tablet along with you could be extremely helpful. You might think that your phone has everything, but imagine reading newspapers and magazines on a bigger screen. Besides, tablets tend to have bigger batteries than an average smart phone. Downloading good apps and games on your tablet could be the best company you get if you are travelling alone. Moreover, a tablet is easy to carry as it can fit in a bag or you could carry this lightweight gadget in your hands.


For hardcore readers, carrying books while going on a vacation can be hard. Therefore, this gadget has a special place on the list of the 9 best travel tools in hardcore readers’ hearts. Kindle is not only easy to carry but it is also easy to read under bright light or in a dim lighted room. The upside to carrying the gadget is that you can download more than one of your favorite books!

Solar Chargers

Frequent travelers know the importance of solar chargers. Since you will be spending time outdoors, finding sockets or plugs is hard when you are on a mountain top. Sometimes, portable chargers are not fully charged; therefore, these solar chargers are perfect. While you are going to soak up some sun, take your solar charger along. Even though your reason for this getaway could be to be away from the world, but you need to take your phone along in case of emergencies, so accompany it with its friend.

Insect/Sun Repelling Clothing

Yes, this is not a tool or gadget, but it is a requirement. Your clothing plays a technical part in nature as it has functions that go beyond just covering up your skin. Nowadays, there are companies that are making pants, shirts and socks that are giving protections from the sun and insects. It has properties to certain extents that provide UV protection along with insect repellant properties certified by the EPA.

Smart Suitcase

If you are carrying a smartphone, it better be accompanied by a smart suitcase. Smart suitcases are easy to move, easily accessible and they have the ability to charge your phone through the USB connections. This suitcase also has tracking devices on it so you know where your luggage is at all times.

Coin Purse

When travelling, you will be receiving a lot of change, mostly in the form of coins. Keeping all the coins in one place can seem like a hassle; therefore, these purses are perfect. They are designed to keep all coins safe and in place. Moreover, you can fit in gum, candy and other small things in this coin purse as well!

Now that you know the 9 best travel tools, make sure you are carrying them along. This way, you can have the best trip without letting any inconveniences ruining your mood.

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