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Sweep the Leg! Cobra Kai’s Magnum Research Big Frame Revolver (BFR)



Let’s “wax on” about how awesome this “Karate Kid” revolver is…

Magnum Research, Inc., knows that when it comes to wheelguns, it’s go big or go home. Their BFR (Biggest, Finest Revolver, of course) is about as “go big” as you can get. Unless, of course, you’re talking about a Cobra Kai BFR, in honor of one of the greatest action movies from the golden era of action movies: “The Karate Kid.” Actor Martin Kove’s character was “the bad guy” in that film, but the villain always gets the best lines–and the Biggest Frame Revolver, chambered in .44 Magnum and custom engraved by Outlaw Ordnance. Check out this awesome video in which Kove, a BFR fan and Second Amendment supporter, is gifted a gun worthy of the King Cobra himself!

You don’t need to kick Daniel-san in the knee to get a BFR of your own, though! Our latest giveaway in honor of our favorite viral video (and the can of whoop-ass that made it possible)…

One of the best laughs of 2020 came in the form of a viral video starring two men, a highly inflammatory racial word, and a can of alcoholic tea. In that video, we learned a few things: One, that if you invite someone to “smack you,” that they might very well do so; and two, that the second-most-impressive weapon in existence is a 20-oz. can of hard tea. We noticed something important about that video, and that is that many Americans cannot defend themselves (or provide a “smack” as requested) due to their local OC–that’s “Open Container,” of course–laws.

If you’re one of those Americans, take heart: From now through February 15, we’re giving away the first-most-impressive defensive tool! That, of course, would be a Magnum Research Big, Fine Revolver (BFR) chambered in .44 Magnum and rocking a 5-inch barrel. Don’t worry, Cowboy…we’re giving away Space Cowboy holster for your BFR from Magnum Research. We’re also giving away some top-notch hearing pro from AXIL…and a gift card from XDMAN so you can camouflage your BFR as a can of tea for extra deterrence.

Entering the MighTea Twisted $1.8K Gun & Gear Giveaway is simple and free! Just click here, give us your contact information, and wait to get mighty twisted!

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