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Patron Saint of Bowhunting Ted Nugent Supports Pro-Hunting Movie



My bow-season prayers to St. The Nuge have been answered!

Just a few weeks ago we launched a tongue-in-cheek “prayer to St. Nugent” for bow-season success.  Just a few days before that, we yearned for the success of a pro-hunting movie in production called The Harvest. It seems that someone was listening, because the Motor City Madman has joined forces with the movie’s producers to fundraise and bring this movie to the box office.

“God, family, country, freedom and the Great Outdoors! The Harvest strikes every chord this bowhunting six string slinger believes in,” said Ted Nugent. “Every red blooded American who believes in God, family and our God given right to provide pure, natural protein for our families and friends through hunting, needs to support and donate to the making of this great film. It will educate millions, and we need the Nuge Nation to get behind it and put our money where our heart is. I am THE HARVEST!!”

Editor’s Note: Normally we would uncapitalize and remove the extra exclamation point in the above quote, but we’re pretty sure this would displease The Nuge and perhaps he would look upon our bow-season efforts with ill favor. So the all-caps STAY.

The Harvest is a film that addresses relevant Christian themes through a celebration of the outdoor way of life while promoting a respect for the land, water and the great past time of hunting. The funding to produce this film depends solely on help from outdoor enthusiasts like yourself. If you are a hunter and feel that your way of life in the outdoors is being threatened or has an unknown future, Join Us.

With likeminded partners such as Ted Nugent, Michael Waddell, Mossy Oak, and many others, the goal of bringing together hunters from across the nation to fund and produce a film that illustrates and illuminates the significance of the outdoor lifestyle to people unfamiliar with the true beauty of the hunting heritage is truly attainable.

“The support of Ted Nugent will be a great steppingstone in the promotion of this film and its goals”, stated producer Mark Geist. “Ted has an incredible voice in the outdoor industry with dedicated followers that all live and breathe hunting, fishing and the outdoor lifestyle.”

If you are interested in learning more about the project and how you can donate, visit or contact us at The project seeks to unite our industry and illustrate the power of the outdoors when united, to advance this project and any other pro-industry initiative’s that will arise in the future.

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