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Important Deer Hunting Tips for a Better Hunting Experience



Taking the insight and important deer hunting tips from an expert hunter is one of the easiest ways to have an enjoyable and safe hunting experience.

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But to learn it from your own experience, you have to step into the field and try those tips all by yourself!

So, whether you are a newbie hunter or a veteran buck hunter who’s ready for the thrill and heading into the woods, you must acquaint yourself with some important deer hunting tips that are crucial for a good hunting experience.

These tips are not only for your own safety purpose but they will also make sure that you remain one step ahead of all the other hunters in that area!

Important Deer Hunting Tips for a Memorable Hunting Experience

Since you are not the only one hunting deer in that particular land area, you need to make sure you are smarter than the other hunters present over there. Similarly, more hunters mean more competition and it becomes much easier to lose your target due to the noises produced by other hunters. Hence, to avoid facing these hunting troubles, follow these tips for deer hunting.

Choose the right point of entry

If you have been into scouting, you must hold a rough idea about deer beds. With that, it is easy to determine where these deer actually stay in the woods and to go in the same direction, making the way to the stand. From there onward, you must be careful in not staying downwind from the spot, where the targeted deer are. This is because if they smell hunters, they get extra vigilant and don’t come out until hunters are gone. So, it’s imperative to select your route quite carefully, keeping the important deer hunting tips in mind.

Stay quiet

It is common for hunters to chat with other hunters they meet on their ways. While this can be helpful in scouting for additional information, but sometimes, be wary of getting inaccurate information as well. Some hunters do not prefer to share their professional insights or information with other stranger hunters, especially with the ones they may offer them a tough competition. Therefore, you must make a judgment about incorporating any of their provided information or if you should move ahead as per your own discretion.

Try multiple hunting spots

If you prepare to hunt on a public land then you must know that there will be a lot of space for hunting. You can cover more places than you can think of and truth be told, you won’t be running out of them. The best part about getting multiple hunting spots is that you don’t need to visit the same spot every time you go hunting. Hence, you can go to the same spot, let’s say, every season and similarly, you can avoid putting extra efforts to game on a particular spot as well.

Avoid excessive hunting pressured spots

If you really want to stay ahead of competitors and want to act smart, then beware of spots with excessive hunting pressure. If you know these spots only then you can avoid them smartly. One way to know about these areas is to see the areas with large number of cars parked in the parking lot, as you drive by. While you may not need to keep a regular check for these areas, if you do pass by any of them, do make a note of it.

Hunt smartly

This means that you must figure out the places where deer are supposed to be present. Many hunters believe that if they trek some miles away from the area of car parking, they can hunt a deer, but this technique does not work all the time and the deer may remain elusive. Even though it may be worth finding a place away from all other hunters, you still need to be at a place where these deer can be found and the place where they usually feel safe. Generally, such places have dense vegetation along with some brushes which they used to hide or cover them.

Don’t give out your hunting details

Another important aspect is to keep your hunting details to yourself, especially your hunting spot. To ensure this, don’t leave out any hanging stand on your hunting spot as your hunting spot could be occupied by some other hunters. Remember, you are hunting on a public land and giving out hunting spot hints in such a manner might give your competitors an ace up their sleeves.

So, make the most of these important deer hunting tips and enjoy that serene environment as there will be no one around to spoil your ultimate hunting experience.

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