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Hunting Gear List – Are You Making the Right Checklist?



As soon as we plan a hunting trip, we start looking for hunting tactics — the right hunting season, best places for hunting and everything else that comes to mind.

But then there is something even more important which most hunters don’t pay much attention to – the hunting gear list!

A hunting gear list is an integral part of your expedition and it goes a long way in turning your trip into an unforgettable experience. So, even if you have been on hunting trips or you are an experienced hunter, you must double check the following must-haves on your hunting gear list.

All of these items are highly recommended by professional hunters, so let’s just dive in!

Major Must-Haves for a Hunting Gear List

While you don’t need to take tons of things to a hunting trip, you must keep a room for all the below-mentioned items.

Bug Repellent

This is something we don’t really pay much attention to, but try overlooking bug repellent just one time and you may realize how important this can be.

Camouflage Gloves

Keep the camo gloves which are not only comfortable but also highly functional. You might consider test shooting wearing your gloves before you step into the woods. Many hunters opt for finger-less gloves as well as they offer great protection and wearability.

Head Lamp

There is a reason we mention head-lamp instead of flashlight and that is to keep your hands free to carry the gun. Also, go with a headlamp having Green/Red light as it is recommended by experts because it is highly waterproof.

Pocket Knife

This shall help you in a lot many things during your hunting trip and therefore considered as one of the must-haves for a hunting gear list. You must always keep your pocket knife as sharp and handy as possible so that you can use it conveniently and without causing an injury.

Sharpening Stone

You might be wondering why we need to keep a sharpening stone! Well, if you have some experience of gutting a deer, you may already know that sharp knives can easily become dull when we use them out in the wild. You might consider keeping a set of knives but then all of them will easily get dull in the middle of skinning a deer. Hence, make sure to keep a sharpening stone on your hunting trip.

Surveyor Tape

This usually helps in tracking down a deer or any other animal. You can put some tape as you see a blood trail to ensure you progress in the right direction. If not, you may fail to find the buck you just hunted and may end up going home empty handed. Of course, there is nothing more disappointing than that. Also, simply tie some tape around three or four trees as you walk down into the woods so that you may safely reach back to your original location.

Regulatory Documents and License

This cannot be overemphasized. Make sure you have a license for hunting in the particular state. Because regardless of how much hunting experience you have, hunting without holding a license can result in severe consequences.


Carry as much as you can because you never know how many you would need. Similarly, you don’t know how many misses there will be, so keep a good storage of them to fulfill the purpose of your hunting trip conveniently.

Wire Cutter

Have you ever noticed an abandoned or old wire fence, as you go for hunting? If yes, imagine having no wire cutter and thinking of ways to cross that fence. It’s not only hard but also an annoying obstacle in your hunting experience. So, the best way to work around these uncertain situations is to be prepared and keep a wire cutter as one of the must-haves for a hunting gear list. But before cutting the wire, make sure that the fence is not private or electric in nature.

Rain Gear

Keep your rain gear in check as you can come across any type of weather condition on your hunting trip. An unusually cold or rainy weather can ruin your hunting experience. So, your best bet is to start preparing for a rain gear and mark it in your checklist.

With all of these, you can always add some more items that best meet your hunting specifics. But don’t forget to carry these items on your hunting trip as they are recommended by hunting experts.

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