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Camping Tips For Valentine’s Day



It doesn’t get any better than snuggling up with your special someone.

Either in front of a campfire, stargazing or roasting marshmallows on a Valentine’s Day! With the special day approaching, a romantic camping getaway couldn’t be a perfect way to spend quality time with your partner. We have the perfect camping trips for Valentine’s Day that will make the camping trip truly memorable.

Select the Right Destination

Since this is a special day, you must focus on picking the camping place which both of you would love. There are a plethora of options available to choose from – caves, mountainsides, seashores, dense woods and so much more. Consider a place you both can enjoy and offer optimum privacy for you.

Imagine the Perfect Night

Before you start planning, visualize the perfect camping night. Having a mental image will help you in determining the things you would need to make the trip memorable. Do you want a string of lights? Should you put up a hammock? What meal would you and your partner enjoy? If you have to hike to the spot, keep in mind you won’t be able to carry a lot of things. Plan accordingly.

Don’t Forget the Snuggle Bunnies

Take plenty of pillows and cushions, as well as blankets to make the most cozy and comfy space for you two to snuggle up. Make sure you include knits and wools to stay warm on a cool night.

Select the Music

Of course, nothing can compare to the sound of birds chirping but with the right background music, you can set a perfect mood. You can create your own ambiance with a playlist of songs that have sentimental value for you both.

Heat It Up

A camping trip isn’t complete without hot cocoa and/or coffee. Pack in the supplies to create a perfect cup to enjoy. Chop up and melt some chocolate in a saucepan, and sprinkle some seasoning like caramel or cinnamon and mix with hot milk.

Have the Right Supplies

Your trip won’t be complete without food! But you need to make sure that you pack up easy to clean, durable and lightweight dinnerware to enjoy your food in. Make sure you have some extra plates with you. Take a foldable table to set and enjoy a romantic dinner.

Plan the Meal

Usually when camping, meals are rather spontaneous. However, since it is Valentine’s Day you must plan ahead, and have a special meal prepared. You can look up easy and delicious quick recipes online to get inspiration for a perfect meal. Don’t forget to take some snacks along to munch on while exploring the wilderness or just gazing at the stars.

Sweeten Up the Night

Complete a romantic dinner with something sweet. Include a dessert or simply roast marshmallows to enjoy by the campfire. Be sure to pack a bottle or two of the finest wine to make the camping day experience truly unforgettable.

Essentials to Pack

To make sure the trip goes smoothly, you need to make a list of essentials to pack. Here are some items that you should include in your list:

  • Tent – pick a durable and lightweight tent to have proper shelter for the night. Consider the weather you would be camping and ensure that the tent can withstand unexpected rain and storms.
  • Sleeping bag for two – ensure you pack a comfy sleeping bag to snuggle up with your partner comfortably.
  • Blankets and pillows – to enhance the comfort level.
  • Light strings – to make the camping sight look magical and of course offer proper lighting.
  • Music player – to set the mood.
  • Card games – to have an enjoyable time.
  • Camping stove and cooking essentials – to prepare a fabulous romantic meal.
  • Camera – to capture the special moments.
  • Cooler – to keep your food items fresh and drinks cool.
  • First aid kit – in case of emergencies.
  • Knife – can’t go in the wilderness without a knife.
  • Water purifier – this comes in handy if you run out of the water you brought along and ensures that you have safe and uncontaminated water.
  • Flashlight – it is easy to carry and also best in case of emergencies.

A perfect Valentine’s Day can have a major positive impact on your relationship. Going camping on the special day is unique, intimate and beautiful as it offers amazing view, opportunity to create your own five-star experience and that too without damaging your wallet. Follow these camping tips for Valentine’s Day to make the trip unforgettable. Most importantly, ensure that you make your partner feel loved and focus on enjoying one another company in a serene night under the stars!

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