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Campfire Games for a Memorable Night Out



A camping trip with family and friends is the perfect sway to unwind and refresh your mind. With a serene view, fresh air and a cackling camp fire nearby, you have the perfect opportunity to enjoy the offerings of the trip.

Gathered around the campfire, you people sing and dance. Some roast marshmallows while others discuss their love for nature. But after a while, things can quickly get boring. You can’t talk through the whole night and you need an activity to make the moment more exciting.

Well, no more worries. We’ve come up with some exciting campfire games to make your trip a memorable one.

Truth or dare

The best thing about this game is that people of all ages and groups of all sizes can play this game. Things needed; just one. A bottle to spin around. The rules are simple. Each player gets to choose either truth or dare for their turn. Let the stories begin and make dares as exciting as you can.


All you need for this exciting game is a pack of cards. A group of 6-16 players can easily play this game and it really tests your negotiation skills, in a way. Take the same number of cards as the people. Make sure all cards are the same color (red) except for two (for a group of 6-7 people). Each player looks at their own card secretly. Everyone closes their eyes and a moderator counts to 20. At 10, the players who have the black cards open their eyes and look at each other. They quickly close their eyes and at the count of 20, everyone opens their eyes. A discussion ensues as the group decides who two people belong to the mafia and eliminate them from the group. The game is surely fun and one of the best campfire games to spend some quality time with friends and family.

Make me Laugh

The stare down game is tricky and only the real champions can survive. The group is divided into two teams and a player is chosen from one of the teams. All the players of the other team take turn and try to make the player laugh. If they do, next player is chosen from the team. If the player does not laugh, the other team loses.

Tell me a Secret

A simple yet quite enjoyable campfire game. The group sits in a circle and one of them whispers a secret word in the person next to them. Each player does the same to the player sitting next to them until it goes full circle. The last person says out the word loudly and the changes in the word are worth all the whispering.

Two truths and a lie

The game has been known to break up friendships and can easily put a strain on any relationship. Each player gets to say three statements and the group has to decide which one of the three is a lie. Best friends would love to play this game as they’ll always have the right answers.


A moderator selects one of the players as an assassin and the rest get to be the living people. The goal of the assassin is to murder people by winking at them. As soon as a person sees the assassin wink at them, they must admit they know the murderer and then say they are dead. The game is made more exciting when dying people stage horrific deaths. If one of the people has a clue on who the assassin is, they can name them and end the game. Otherwise, the game continues till all the people are dead and the murderer wins. This is one of the morbid campfire games but it is surely exciting too.

Who Am I?

Each player secretly selects a celebrity and writes down their name on a piece of paper. Once all the names are collected, a moderator takes out a piece of paper and tells the group a clue about the celebrity. The other players have to guess the name. There are variations of the game and it can also be played one on one.

Glow in the Dark Bowling

Surely you won’t be able to find any arcade in the woods and so you have to be creative. All you need is glow in the dark sticks, empty bottles and a ball. Put a luminous stick in each of the bottles and stack them up. Make sure to use branches for make-shift lanes. All is set and you can get going!

So make your next camping trip exciting with these amazing and funny campfire games!

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