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Bow Hunting Gear List for White Tail Deer



The dog days of the summer are almost over and it’s time to trade in your Bermuda shorts for your hunting wear because the white tail deer season is upon you.

Preparation is key when you are going to the great outdoors for early season deer hunting. While you may be busy setting up fall food plots, and installing trail cameras to lay the grounds for a successful hunting expedition into the wilds, your hunting backpack should not be deprived of any attention. Here is what we feel is the best bow hunting gear list which will be ideal for your excursion out into the wild and ensure yourself a good white tail deer harvest this hunting season.

Scent control

Is the name of the game, fellow hunters. Early on in the hunting season the temperatures can vary to great extremes regardless of where you are in the country. This fact alone constitutes to the importance of having a good control over the scent for a successful hunting season. There are several tips which you can make use of as a hunter to increase your chances of being winded while traveling to and when you are in the standing site. A white tail deer’s most powerful asset is its incredibly strong sense of smell so taking your time while traveling to your standing site will keep perspiration to a minimum and reduce the chances of the white tail deer sensing your scent.

That is why, one of the must have items on your bow hunting gear list should be an odor eliminating field spray. These odor eliminating sprays are a necessary element of your bow hunting gear list during any time of the year you are going out to hunt white tail deer. During the warmer seasons, it is more necessary to have these odor eliminating field sprays since there is more of a chance that you will be perspiring when on the move. Controlling the scent is going to effectively deal with the first line of defense that the deer have: their nose.

Be a Ninja

When you’re hunting white tail deer, you need to have a high level of concealment. You have to be covered totally from the head to the toe. Hunters often overlook or undervalue the importance of camouflage gloves and face masks but these are two pieces of gear which are absolutely necessary in your bow hunting gear list. It would surely suck if you made all that effort camouflaging your scent and moving slowly towards your standing site only to be caught out by a deer that spots you. It is that easy to miss your chance of catching that elusive mature buck. Be sure to keep an extra pair of the gloves and masks in your hunting bag pack in case you misplace or lose them somewhere.


Archery hunting is not an easy task for even the most experienced of hunters. When it comes to archery hunting and white tail deer, the conditions have to be perfectly poised so you are in the best position to harvest the best catch in the season. In order to make the odds fall more in your favor than the deer’s, you should do everything possible to make sure you leave nothing to chance. One key piece of equipment to take along with you in your bow hunting gear list is a range finder which is reliable. A range finder will effectively eliminate the need for guessing when you are out bow hunting and can greatly increase the confidence of you, the hunter. Every archery hunter knows that confidence is critical for a successful hunt.

Pack A Little Extra Punch

It is difficult landing a good shot when you are hunting with a bow and arrow so it is important that when you do, the arrow’s impact is effective. Broad head arrows do exactly just that. There are a lot of options when it comes to broad head arrow so you can go out to the hunting supply store and take your pick. When picking out your broad head arrows, just make sure that they have a good flight, cut very deep and dispose of the deer in the quickest manner. It is always a good thing to have extra broad head arrows in your bow hunting gear list because one can’t land a hit with each shot taken.

There are always other items which you can add to your bow hunting gear list as you gain more experience in the art of deer hunting but these are the few items which will always be a part of your inventory as far as your hunting equipment is concerned.

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